Chapter Twenty Four

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All I can say, is get your popcorn and "blanket of floof" ready. Because I have one full chapter in store for y'all!

Also: a big shoutout to my best friends who have supported me through the writing of this book :)

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I walk towards my mirror and scan my eyes along my dress while I smooth it out. Alyse went out with me earlier to buy it, but now I'm worried it doesn't look right.

It's a simple red dress that flows down to meet my mid-thigh. It's nothing fancy; nothing spectacular as to not draw too much attention to myself.

"Are you sure I look okay?" I ask, turning to look at Alyse. She's putting mascara on and her face is only a centimeter away from the mirror above my dresser, but she pauses when she catches the movement of my hands through the mirror.

She smiles and closes the tube of mascara as she rolls her eyes. "Raine, you look hot. That dress looks absolutely amazing on you. I promise."

I glance back in the mirror and attempt to pull the dress down past my knees, but it refuses to do so without also showing way too much cleavage.

I huff and pull it back to its original length meeting my thighs halfway.

"It isn't too short?"

Alyse snorts, "It's going to be the longest dress there."

I nod and continue to stare in the mirror. I, Raine Winters, the girl who avoids all social events that include drinking, am going to a party, supposedly the biggest party of the year so far.

My hand comes up to my mother's necklace and I hold it gently between my fingers.

I'm not going to be alone tonight, and I know who to trust. It won't happen again, how could it? I have five great friends that will be there with me the entire time.

West said he wouldn't leave my side, and I know he'll protect me if Warren does make an appearance.

"Knock, knock." I hear from the doorway, and I look through the mirror to see Toby walking into my room.

He's wearing khakis and a dark blue denim button up, open to reveal his white tank top beneath. He catches my eye through the mirror and walks towards me with a concerned smile.

"You sure you're ready for this?" He asks quietly.

I turn around to face him and nod. "It's been two years. It's better late than never, right?" He still seems unconvinced, so I offer a reassuring smile. "Now tell me I look good."

He cracks a small smile and nods, "You do look good. I wish you would wear a dress that extends all the way to your ankles, but..."

I laugh and dart my hand out to shove him, and he chuckles gently. "You look beautiful sis." He pulls me in for a small hug and gives me a quick squeeze.

When we pull apart he looks over at Alyse and I see his eyes soften a considerable amount. "And so do you." He says, walking to her.

She blushes lightly, "You don't look too bad yourself."


He grins, "Wow, you actually complimented me."

Her cheeks redden even more and she lightly shoves him back. "Be quiet."

Toby chuckles softly and then looks back at me, "You two ready? Gray and West are almost here."

I tilt my head, "Did they ride together?"

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