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" NO! YOU WILL NOT PULL THE PLUG! SHE IS MY MATE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER!" I think Miles is trying to wake the dead. Wait... Did he just say mates? Is my name Jayla? Am I In a hospi... I feel a huge gust of wind flow through my body. I open my eyes and look down. I see my body underneath me. What the??? 

"Jayla baby, stay with me! I cant live without you!" MIles says just before breaking down into tears.

Miles' P.O.V.

It has been sixteen days, two hours, and thirty-three minutes since Jayla left me. I didn't even get to say goodbye. Im sixteen! That means I still have about eighty years! Unless the people who killed her kill me too, but with my luck that won't happen. I want to look for them, but they completely covered their tracks and smell. Its horrible! Why can't they pay for killing her?! It's not fair! I guess life isn't fair. I know it most definitely wasn't for Jayla. I was interrupted by a small nock on my bedroom door.

"Miles? Can I come in?" Macey, my six year old sister says very cautiously.

"Sure Mace" I say as nicely as possible. She opens the door and skips over to my bed. She sits down and brushes her blonde hair away from her big blue eyes.

"Momma says that you are depressing her and you need to go to a party and talk to more girls. What's depressing mean?" Macey says happily.

"WHAT??!!" I scream, making Macey jump. She stares at me, her blue eyes, watering. "Look I'm sorry Mace, I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at mom. She has no right to tell me to start dating other girls. I just lost my mate. She was murdered! She can't just expect me to get up and forget her."

"Jayla... got murdered? What does that mean?" Macey says curiously. How are you supposed to explain murder to a little girl? I can't just say oh somebody bit her and made almost all her blood pour out! They made her leave this world forever.

" A bad guy hurt her really badly, and she couldn't stay with us anymore. She was taken away from us, and she can never return." I say, about to burst into tears.

"Oh... okay. Well you better go see momma now." She says slowly. I get up, walk downstairs, and enter  the kitchen. My mom's in there, looking at me with a huge smile. Her smile dims as she looks over what I am wearing.

"You can't go to a party like that!" My mom, wait no, shes not my mom, she's a monster. Anyways, the monster says in a weird tone.

" Im not going to a stupid party to meet stupid girls! Gosh! I just lost my mate! You can't expect me to just forget her! I will never forget her, and you better not expect me to." I hiss, venom dripping from every syllable. 

"I don't expect you to forget her Miles, but you need to move on. That girl can't expect to keep you forever! She's dead!" The monster screeches. I walk out of the kitchen and into the woods. I take my shoes off and shift, my fur lengthening into a darker brown and my eyes turning from green to blue. I take off sprinting, the world turning into a blur. I stop when I get to the tree. The tree were Jayla and I met. Im so deep in thought that I don't smell anyone coming towards me. I hear a twig snap. I feel my chest rumble as my wolf growls. 


Macey's P.O.V.

"Honey, I need your help. Your brother is making me mad. He keeps sulking about that stupid girl he calls his mate! He needs to meet a real girl, a girl with a lot of money. Go up to his room and tell him he needs to party. Okay, sweetie?" Momma says quickly.

"Okay momma." I say, shrugging. I walk up the stairs and knock on Miles' door. " Miles, can I come in?" I ask, afraid that he knows why im here. He lets me come in and we talk, he yells,and then leaves,probably to find momma. I walk downstairs and sneak close to the kitchen. I hear them yelling and Miles runs past me. I follow him into the woods, where he shifts. I shift and follow him. After about three minutes i lose him and decide to go home to ask my mom why he disappeared. I go to my room and shift. I change into a ruffly pink dress and flip flops. I start to walk don the stairs when I hear my twin sister speaking to my mom. The same twin sister that lives in Brazil with my dad. She said she doesn't want anything to do with me, but I don't really care. If she was buried in King Tut's tomb, I wouldn't break a nail trying to dig her out. Yeah I guess I'm pretty smart. I should be in Kindergarten, but Im in Second grade! It feels like I didn't get a real childhood. Yeah I'm the most popular wolf in grade school, but I skipped Kindergarten and First grade. I dont have friends my age. All my friends are two years older than me. Im going to graduate when I'm sixteen. Isn't that a lil' old? Its whatever. I just need to cheer Miles up. I know exactly how.


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