chapter 1

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Alex's POV

I woke up after hearing my dad call for me. I rolled out of bed and walked to his study room. "Hey dad." I greeted. "Hey, you're going to school on Monday." He said and I nodded. Wait what? "Wait, school like with the human school?" I asked and he nodded. "You need experience with the souls you will judge one day." He said while I nodded not wanting to argue. I'm Alex. And my dad is the Devil. So I have to take over his job and judge the souls to either wither in the pits of eternal fire or to the land of evergreen. The mortals know it as heaven and hell. But whatever it works. The only difference is that 'God' and my dad aren't enemies. Actually they're brothers and good friends. They rule the afterlife. And I will take over when I'm 18 which is in a year. So my last year will be spent with humans. I walked out of my dad's study room and I to the kitchen to feed the monster known as my stomach. It's been growling ever since I woke up. After eating a bowl of cereal and three cups of juice I went upstairs to change into my work clothes. I wear black skinny jeans with a black tank top and my black cloak. I know a lot of black but what do you expect? Me to wear pink and yellow. Still the Devils daughter, still have to scare the souls of the mortals. I put on my clothes after I showered and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror. I have red eyes and pitch black hair that runs down my back down to my waist. I am 5'10" and have tan skin. I walked to the boats. They are the transportation for the souls. And I transport them. I rowed my boat over the river of death. It's called that cause it looks very pretty and is vibrant with colors. But if a mortal soul were to touch it their soul would disintegrate into the river. I picked up the souls and rowed back to the judgement line. Self explanatory for that one. But I waited a a few minutes and picked up the souks that go to the fire pit and rowed to it. I saw the fear that came across their faces as they saw the pit. One person jumped into the river and you know how that works. I stopped at the pit and they moved to the fire against their will. I watched as everyone tried to move towards me. I smiled and waved to them

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