Tiny Klaine Stories: Old songs, old memories

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_:"Tap... tap... tap..."

_:"Agh... What's that noise?!" Blaine shifted in the double bed, burying his head in the pillows.

_:”Tap…Tap… tap tap tap tap tap…”

_:”Come ooooon!!!! What is that noise?!” Blaine complained, annoyed & a bit angry.

_:”Aaaah… What’s wrong Blaine?” Kurt got up from the other side of the bed, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

_:”Can’t you here the “tap tap” noise? I’m trying to sleep but that won’t let me to!” Blaine replied also getting up in his part of the bed.

_:”I can’t hear…” He was caught by another “tap tap” noise: “Oh, I see… What’s that?”

_:”That’s what I’m asking! Is it Caroline? What time is it?” Blaine took his cellphone from the night stand & checked the time. It was 2 in the morning :”Is she still awake?!”

_:”She shouldn’t be! It’s too late! She has to go to school tomorrow.” Kurt said getting out of the bed & going toward their daughter’s room.

The door of her room was half open. Kurt narrowed his eyes to be able to find her in the light that was darting into his still sleepy eyes.

_:”Care?” he called.

A beautiful, blue eyed girl about 9years old looked up from her laptop in shock:”Uhm… What are you doing here dad?”

_:”The better question is: What are you doing at…” Kurt looked at his watch & continued:”2:10AM?” He then crossed his arms & made an angry gesture.

_:”I’m… I’m… Sorry daddy!!” She said making the puppy dog eyes, Blaine always did: “I’m working on a school project.”

Kurt’s heart melted by the little girl’s gesture & he went inside her room, sitting next to her on the bed wrapping an arm around her: “Can I help you with it?”

_:”We have to sing old songs for this school project in 2days:”Old songs, old memories” & my problem is that I can’t choose one to sing…” She said, sighing like it was the end of the world.

_:”You’re lucky to have me then! I can totally help you with it!” Kurt said smiling warmly at his daughter.

_:”Really? Aaah thanks daddy!” She replied hugging him tight.

_:”Sure thing girl!” He kissed the top of her black curly hair.

_:”What do we have here?” He asked taking the laptop from Caroline’s hands & looking through the playlist.

_:”Actually there is this woman that I love her music & wanted to sing one of her songs but she isn’t count as too old.” She said.

_:”Did they mention that the songs should be “too old”?”

_:”Not really, but I’m worried.”

_:”So who is this woman you’re talking about?” Kurt asked still looking at the songs.

_:”Is everything okay?” Asked a sleepy Blaine from the door way.

_:”Yea, I’m helping Care finding an old song to perform for her school project.” Kurt replied totally awake now.

_:”Can I be any kind of help?” Blaine asked yawning.

_:”Yes you can. Come here.” Kurt patted an empty place beside himself for Blaine so he could sit next to him looking at the laptop: “Care said that there is this woman she likes to sing from. So who is she, baby girl?”

_:”A woman named: Katy Perry.” She replied simply looking at her dads.

_:”KATY PERRY?!” Kurt & Blaine both shouted.

_:”Yea… Is there a problem?” She asked them a little scared.

_:”Oh my! Of course not! It’s just…” Kurt was caught by Blaine: “Which song?”

_:”I’m caught in between a lot of them but there’s this one song that I love the most: Teenage Dream.”

_:”TEENAGE DREAM?!” Kurt & Blaine shouted once more, looking at her in pure shock.

_:”You’re actually scaring me daddies!!” She pouted sitting far from them on the bed.

_:”Oh my God!” Was all Kurt said.

_:”I know, right?” Blaine said wrapping Kurt into a huge hug in his arms.

_:”Caroline! That is the very best song you can choose to sing!!!” Blaine said in a kind voice.

Caroline’s eyes lit up & she came closer to them: “Really? Is it good enough? Can it bring old memories up because the songs should…”

_:”It can, Care! It can!” Kurt said pulling away from Blaine’s arms.

_:”So do you need to practice now?” Blaine asked.

_:”Oh no. It’s too late. I don’t want the neighbors to go crazy at us! I just needed to choose a song so I can practice it tomorrow. Will you help me with the piano?” She looked at his father with those innocent eyes.

_:”Of courseeee I will, sweetheart!” Blaine replied pulling her into a hug & kissing her cheek.

_:”Thanks dads! I can sleep now!” She said putting her laptop on the desk. Kurt & Blaine got up & went to go to their room when Caroline stopped them asking a question: “By the way, why did you get so shocked at my song choice? Do you have any memories from it?”

They looked at each other lovingly:”It all started with Katy Perry’s song: Teenage dream! I’m talking about your dad & mine love story.” Kurt replied taking Blaine’s hand in his & squeezing it. Caroline chuckled going under the sheets:”Love you both!”

_:”Love you too cutie!” Kurt & Blaine said before going out of her room & entering theirs.

_:”It’s unbelievable!” Kurt said turning to Blaine in their room.

_:”Before you met me, I was alright but things were kind of heavy, you brought me to life…” Blaine started singing in a low volume looking straight into Kurt’s blue eyes. Kurt giggled & felt like it was the teenage Blaine singing it to him with the other warblers.

_:”Let’s go all the way tonight, no regrets, just love. We can dance until we die you & I will be young forever…” Blaine continued & took Kurt’s hand spinning him around & dancing with him slowly singing into his ear:”…feel like I’m living a teenage dream, the way you turn me on, I can’t sleep, let’s run away & don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back… ”

At this point, Kurt put a finger on Blaine’s lips & continued himself:”My heart stops when you look at me, just one touch, now baby I believe. This is real, so take a chance & don’t ever look back, don’t ever look back…”

They both chuckled collapsing on the bed next to each other, legs becoming tangled unconsciously.

_:”Did you think at that moment that someday our own daughter will be singing that song?” Kurt asked caressing Blaine’s curls.

_:”Hmm… I don’t know… I mean I didn’t know that for sure but deep down I knew we belonged & without knowing it, I was singing the song to you.” Blaine answered kissing Kurt’s nose softly.

_:”I love you…” Kurt whispered smiling, before falling back to sleep.

_:”I love you too my precious soul mate.” Blaine replied also falling back to sleep.

And that's how a happy family goes to sleep, all having the same lovely smile on their beautiful faces. :)

{Author's note:

Heyyyyy lollipops! Missed me? I've missed you & your comments & writing about our beloved Klaine but I am just too busy with university & all so I'm sorry for updating this late. :(

Anyway thanks for the votes & reads, keep it up! Love you all! xx

I spread love & ignore the hate.}

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