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'Animal Farm' by George Orwell inspired Poem

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Old Major dreams of an unprecedented farm
Where there’s plentiful food, and no more harm
He speaks against the labor that benefits them not,
They’re rations demeaning while Jones’ food is fraught.

Let this be his legacy, a revolutionary tale,
A farm ran by animals that may willingly prevail
Let this dream call forth a meeting, to sing of a better day,
The song ‘Beasts of England’ saunters forward on replay

Drunken Jones ignores the animals, leaving them underfed,
Angered and famished, they brazenly raid the shed.
This rage brought on by neglect hits Jones’ men with force,
They drive them out and lock the gates with no remorse.

Major’s last speech was a spark that befell a flame
A wildfire spreading into Manor Farm’s new name
In memorial of a time of cruelty and suffering which they are from,
Commandments are put in place against old terms they won’t become. 

‘Animal Farm’ symbolizes victory and rebellion to its occupants.
To Napoleon and Snowball, it’s a new ascent to tyrants.
The battle of the Cowshed added more fuel to the blaze.
Napoleon found traitor imbedded in the bullets graze.

Snowball, a double agent, working with two legged beings,
Napoleon’s accusation sent the coward fleeing.
This was the beginning of Napoleon’s left sided reign,
A foreshadowing introduction of a worsening strain

The law seemed to change with Squealer and Napoleon’s rise,
Any animal with confessions, was sent to their demise
“No animal shall kill any other animal” was written under six
‘Without a cause’ Squealer assured with his propagandist antics.

Suddenly the memory of the past ceased to exist,
They remembered only now and followed only this.
They chose to go along with the farm’s renewing shape.
Never speaking out and now they cannot escape.

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