Chapter (15)

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Chapter 15.

Isabella’s POV.

My feet splashed in the puddles, as I walked up our pathway. I gripped the grocery bag closer to me, and slowly stepped up our front steps. I was grateful mother and Liam had left, but I knew they weren’t far away. They were waiting for me to calm down, and personal space was what I needed.

I swallowed the questions that nagged my mind again, as soon as I thought of what mother had told me. Should I tell Connor about Melissa? That question was on replay in my mind, and I still hadn’t come to a decision over the last two days.

Twisting the door knob, I walked into the foyer and searched the wall for the light switch. Why was the house in darkness? I placed the bag down, and wiped the water from my forehead. Where was everyone?

My small footsteps echoed, within the house. Which built up a fit of nerves, our house was never quiet. I had only been gone for a few hours, and when I left, everyone was still here.

“Chase?” My voice seemed to shake the quiet air, and my breathing began to shallow. Something was wrong. “Cooper?”

I walked through the empty lounge room, and nothing seemed out of place. Flicking the light on, I scanned the room, while smelling the air. A smell was present within the air, which I couldn’t pin point.

“Still the same, I see.”

I spun around so quick, that my vision was slightly blurred as I focused on the dark figure in the kitchen doorframe.

“Who are you?” I hunched over slightly, ready to make a chance and for some reason my wolf was growling.  

“Not your business to know.” His voice was a deep choke, “Stand still Princess.”

My mouth dropped slightly, but then I heard the dull click of a trigger and before I could dodge, I was falling to my knees.

I glanced at the small dart in my chest, my small hand wrapped around it pulling it from my skin but as I did I fell to my side and was wrapped in the cover of darkness.


My throat was on fire, as I rasped for air. My vision was cloudy, and my heart was pounding.

“Finally she awakes, how much did you give her?” A voice grunted from around me.

“Don’t know, she waking up now it doesn’t matter.” A deep voice snapped. “Get her on her feet.”

A firm hand wrapped around my upper arm and I was pulled to my feet. Dizziness consumed my vision and I stumbled backwards.

“Did it mention anything about what happened if she was injured?”

“Nah, but it can’t be that bad. She’s a wanted criminal I’m sure the King won’t care if she has a few scratches.”

“It’s a deep gash though, should have healed by now.”

“It was her fault, just carry her! She can’t seem to stand and I want my money already.”

I felt myself being lifted into the air. The sudden movement, mixed with the dizziness already had my mind falling back to blankness.

Connor’s POV.

“Bounty hunters are here, claiming to have Isabella.”

I spun around on my heels, dropping the cup I had in my hand as I did. Tyler looked calmly across at me.

“Is it her?” Shock was washing through me now, with a burning of excitement quickly following it. “Have you seen her?”

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