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*Third Person Pov*

"What do you mean you can't find my daughter this soon? It's been two days! What are you all doing?" Victor asked, surprising everyone in a normal tone unlike his words which he is uttering.

"We are doing our best, sir!" Mark said nodding at him.

"Okay! I expect only that." Victor commented and everyone saluted the sergeant major before continuing their work to know where his twelve year old daughter was taken by the kidnappers.

"Sir! We got a location." Suddenly a guy said and everyone waited to know the answer.

"Your daughter's locket is in a forest and it is a terrorist prone area as per our reports from the past few months." He said and everyone stilled waiting for Victor's reaction.

"I need my daughter here, along with their death to dare to taking away a sergeant major's daughter. Understood?" Victor asked, looking at each one of them.

"Sir! Sergeant first class (SFC) is here." Sam said entering the room along with a man.

"Okay! Then explain him the situation before leaving for the mission." Victor said, nodding at them and started walking towards the door but stopped reaching near the door.

"And I need her unharmed." He added and everyone rushed to start the plan.

"Let's go!" their Sergeant first class said after a few minutes.

"But we are still deciding on how to enter and return inside that area." Mark said frowning at him.

"She is a kid who is with the terrorists and she doesn't need some plan using which we reach her. She just needs us there to help her and bring her back safe." He said continuing to pack his weapons.

"Any other point to discuss?" he asked, moving towards the door.

"No, Sir!" everyone shouted and they all followed him towards the helipad to leave immediately.

"Will you tell me today?" Sam asked, rushing with him.

"What?" SFC asked, frowning.

"How you became SFC so fast?" Sam asked and SFC shook his head not wishing to deal with all this.

"Show them you are best and that's it." SFC shrugged before getting inside the helicopter.

"But you will lose this position soon." Sam said nodding at him.

"Why?" upon hearing his response Sam grinned.

"Because Mark is really pissed off at you for not giving him the importance of being your senior. Who knows what will happen to you." Sam said winking.

"Who cares what he thinks? For all of us you are the leader." Peter said, sitting near to them.

"Focus!" that's all SFC said before staring outside.

"Target is moving, Sir. Over!" SFC heard and then glanced at the side where he is on the ground to see a little girl being surrounded by a few men.

"The person who shot at the man we saw and alerted them must answer me when we return." SFC ordered and started crawling towards the girl along with two other of his team without making any sounds.

"Sir! Many targets coming towards the helicopter." SFC heard another voice.

"Finish them off!" SFC said and continued his work.

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