Chapter Two: Mr Hiddleston

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Mina pulled me into the drama room, looking around for the "oh-so-sexy" teacher. She hadn't told me his name yet. I imagined it being something simple. Adams. Jackson. James. Burr. Praying for Hamilton.

Looking around, I suddenly got a happy feeling in my stomach. He didn't change a thing since last semester. The wigs stayed in the same place, along with the tables and small desks that were used for High School Musical. He didn't move a thing. I felt that it would feel weird though, taking classes in the right room but with the wrong teacher.

We all had gotten so comfortable with Ms. Schmidt through the years. Adjusting wouldn't be an issue; it would be something we needed to work on. The freshmen, of course, would have had no problem. But they didn't get the blessing that we got. Ms. Schmidt was a blessing that was hard to let go of. She taught us so much about more than just theatre. She taught us about life in general. No other teacher at McCray seemed to do so.

"There he is," Mina nudged me out of my thoughts.

I looked in her direction to see a tall man with curly, ginger hair talking to Ms. Whiteside my British Lit teacher from my junior year. She, on the other hand, was shorter with mocha skin. Her straight hair fell to her shoulders. I always found her to be gorgeous.

"Isn't he gorgeous?" Mina asked me, smiling wide.

I wasn't paying attention. I couldn't see his face, really. I could only see the back of his head and the back of his blue vest. But he sure has a booty!

I was never one to really look at a man's backside but I couldn't help but to look this time. Hell, you couldn't miss it.

I looked at Mina and shrugged. "I guess."

"No, you have to see his face." She held my arm. "Just wait,"

Ms. Whiteside continued talking to the man without a face, giggling and soaking up his full attention until the door opened. A bearded man peeped his head in the door. Now he wasn't ugly. He was very fit in his crisp blue button up. You could tell this man was ripped. I'd never seen him before at the school. He must've been new.

"Oh that's Mr. Cumberlorde," my best friend knew I was watching. "He's transferred from Vince. Everyone that's met him says that he's suuuppperr chill. I think I have his class this semester."

The new theatre teacher finally turned so I could see his face. Mina never lied when it came to hot guys. This one was beautiful. He had a smile that could brighten the room. It must've been contagious because I found myself smiling too.

Ms. Whiteside gave the man a side hug, laughing. "I guess I'll talk to you later, Hiddles. Cumberlorde still gets lost around here." She rolled her eyes and laughed, glancing at Mr. Cumberlorde.

Cumberlorde rolled his eyes. "This is a big school, don't play yourself now." He kept his eyes on her as she let go of our new theatre teacher. He's English!

"That's why I stay my arse back here," Hiddles tried to say low enough for us to not hear him. It didn't work. He waved his co-workers away with a bigger smile. "Have a good day. Don't kill anyone." He's English too! My absolute weakness.

"We'll try not to," they both cooed in unison, leaving out.

Hiddles' eyes wandered the room and I looked at Mina so he couldn't see that I was staring at him.

"He's cute." I admitted with a shrug. "Not my type." That was the lie. He was definitely my type. Tall, good hair, white smile, and an accent that wasn't American, better yet: English.

Mina rolled her eyes. "You damn liar." She looked past me. "Look, he's coming this way." She whispered.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. I prayed that he wouldn't be as annoying as I imagined him before I got into the classroom.

I felt the heat of his body radiating onto my shoulder. "Hello. Arianna, is it?"

I turned and looked up at him. "Yes! I am. You are..?" I already knew his name. I imagined it would be good to not tell him or even seem like I wasn't just stalking him moments before.

"Mr. Tom Hiddleston," I guess I didn't know his name. There were three extra letters. "The new theatre director. I've heard so much about you," he held his hand out.

I shook his hand firmly. I felt the butterflies wake up and panic in my stomach. His hands were so soft. I wanted to rub them against my face. Is that weird?

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Hiddleston," I giggled. When do I ever giggle? "They better be good things or I'm fighting everyone in this room."

Mina rolled her eyes. "You can't fight and everyone knows it."

"I've been taking kick boxing classes all summer, thanks Mimi!" I looked back at her and forced a smile.

Mr. Hiddleston chuckled. "We missed you yesterday, what happened? Well, they did. I hadn't met you yet."

I looked up at him, catching a whiff of his cologne. I could've fainted at the aroma. "Oh, I had work. I work at the cupcake shoppe downtown."

His face lit up in surprise. "Really? Well, maybe you could bring in some for a meeting one day?"

I nodded, shrugging. "Sure! Just give me the order and I'll bring it."

"Great," his face softened as his eyes searched my face. What was he looking for? Nothing to see here, buddy. "Well," he clasped his hands together. "I need to give you some paper work and I also need to speak to you about a few things. Would you mind stepping into my office?"

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