A Vanilla Twilight

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After staying for a few hours, just focusing on finding useful books, Ben wanted to start heading back to Rand's house. Even though I said I wanted to stay because we found an abundance of books that were sure to be useful at one point or another. Especially this one about berries and herbs, specifically on how to make homemade remedies for sicknesses, burns, and cuts. Sadly, I think berry paste and crushed herbs weren't going to magically fix Jet's leg, but it might help with the bruise on Evelyn's chest.

I found another book on how to make salves and balms out of Combee wax and decided to keep it because I might be able to use it one of these days, you never know. And no, I'm not a hoarder, why do people keep asking me that?

"Summer," Ben groaned out, exhausted. "We've gotta go. Rand and Leanne are probably making dinner and waiting for us. Judging by the time, we've probably already missed it!"

I didn't even glance up from the book I was currently reading. It was an informative book on edible herbs and roots, and I found some plants under the poisonous category that I had sworn I'd seen Ben eat on more than one occasion.

"Summer!" He waved a hand in front of my face. "Are you ignoring me?!"

I held the book up to him and pointed to the offending berry plant. "I don't want you eating berries off of this plant anymore, Ben. They're poisonous." I told him, knowing the pain of being poisoned. Granted, Pokemon poison was far more potent than that of which can be found in a handful of berries. Still.

Ben groaned. He pulled me to my feet and slung me over his shoulder. I typically would've protested or put up some kind of fight when I noticed that another herb I recognized was poisonous, too. As we were heading back home, we must've been a sight to see. But I'm sure at this time, everyone was indoors.

I was blabbing to Ben about a certain root and he was all but running towards Rand's house. All of our Pokemon trailed behind us like Ben was the mama duck and they were his little ducklings. The sky was dusking and we were sure in for a lecture when we got back. I closed my book and used it to smush his spikey hair down.

"If you're gonna carry me, at least have the decency to carry me piggyback style." I grumbled.

"Are you seriously complaining how I'm carrying you? If anything, you should thank me that you didn't have to walk."

"I didn't ask to be carried." I reminded him.

"We had to go and I wasn't going to just leave you in that place alone."

"I could've had Yuka and Eve stay with me. And Jet, if he wanted to." Which reminded me of the inevitable confrontation with Jet about whether or not he was leaving, so I tried to push it out of my mind.

"Okay, well, I didn't want to leave you. How about that for an explanation?" He mumbled.

"I would've been fine." I murmured, continuing to smoosh his hair down.

He cocked his head to the side to avoid my hair smooshing. "Probably, but I still get worried. I'm more worried about you staying up all night reading about the nomenclature of plants than anything, I suppose." He admitted. "Rest is important and you already looked exhausted from all of that scrubbing we did today."

So Ben did notice that I was exhausted. If he had written it off as just working hard on the mansion, then I was in the clear. But that just let me know that Ben more perceptive than I gave him credit for.

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