I don’t know why this way i feel

Loving you with all my zeal

On the first day I never believe this could be

Verily readily falling in love with you totally

Enslaving myself in the turture of your love hence

Yet none of this I show nor my feelings you know

Only i wish you could see deep into my heart

Until you believe its true and share in my great bliss

One and one makes one

Love only makes this known

Unity in friendship kills all lone

Willingness strengthens the bound

Always I long to see you smile

For it softens my heart and holds it dear

Unveiling your great beauty, mildness and affability

Never hurting but so caring

My heart beats faster when I see you

I suffer always under the oppression of your love

Lots of which yet you know not of

Agony grips my heart till I wear

Your love which i crave you shew not

Only I wish you could see through! ;(

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