Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

In the fall of my freshmen year at Daytona Beach High School, my friend Lizzie Fairfield was able to convince me to go with her to this "beginning of the school year party" at some sophomore guy's house. I later found out that his name was Evan Rogers and that Lizzie had been secretly infatuated with him ever since she spotted him life guarding at her pool last summer.

"He had this amazing chest..." she marveled to me when we were getting ready to go to the party, "he looked like some sort of Greek god like I'm not kidding" and the rest I heard was blah blah blah. Honestly, as much as I loved Lizzie, we met when she moved here in the eighth grade, there were times when I just wanted to duct tape her mouth.

When we arrived at the "Greek God's" house, you could already here the music booming from the sidewalk right in front of his front lawn. I have to admit, I was really nervous about the whole thing because it was my first legit high school party. However, once Lizzie and I were inside the house, we were practically swamped by a bunch of our other freshman friends who had decided to crash. Apparently, the upperclassmen didn't mind though and we all hit the dance floor, all us freshman girls trying to get the junior and senior boys' attention.

By the end of the night, Lizzie was bonding with none other than her Greek god, Evan Rogers, in a small corner of the room, and I was hanging out with my friend, Julia, trying to guess what the two of them were talking about.

"There's no doubt in my mind that he's going to ask her out," Julia said confidently.

I laughed. "She'll be in hysterics after she tells us."

Julia twisted her silver bangles around her wrist. She then sighed heavily. "I wish I had a boyfriend. Like, why is Lizzie getting noticed and not us?"

I shrugged. "C'mon Jules it's only our first week of freshmen year. We got time right?"

"I guess," Julia said. "I'll give it three weeks."

I giggled. "Someone's getting impatient," I said, nudging her.

"Well what about you, Nora? Don't you want a boyfriend?" Julia asked me somewhat accusingly.

I shrugged. "I don't know," I said quietly.

At the time, I didn't really mind being single. Out of all of my friends I probably enjoyed it the most. But then--three months into freshmen year--I met Asher. Asher Green. He was actually a friend of a friend. There was this girl in my biology class who I had become pretty close friends with named Stacy Bryant.  One day I decided to sit with her at lunch because Lizzie was being kind of a moody bitch because of a fight she had had with Evan, and my other friends Julia and Katie were both freaking about some stupid math test they had for their next period. I went outside and sat at one of the picnics tables with Stacy and just as we were sitting down- BAM!- Asher Green was standing there. Stacy smiled at me and introduced him to me, saying that she and Asher had been friends since the first grade. I had to admit, when she told me this, I was a little jealous. Ok, maybe more than a little. What I would have given to be really close with this guy. I wanted to be close to him so bad that it hurt. There was just something about him that made me go a little crazy in both my head and my heart.

From that day on, I sat with Stacy and Asher almost everyday for the rest of the year. Eventually I invited Lizzie, Julia, and Katie to come and sit with us and some of Asher's guy friends came to sit with us too. Before I knew it, our group went from three people to ten. For the rest of freshmen year and still to this day we all hang out as a group.

Another day I'll never forget was one sunny afternoon in the middle of May of my sophomore year. That was the day that Asher asked me to be his girlfriend. After having to endure the agony of watching him date this one girl for the past year he finally broke up with her and then a month later, he asked me out. I remember smiling really widely and saying yes as if we were getting married or something. I know, sounds corny right? But it didn't matter because I had spent a whole year and a half crushing on Asher, hoping that he would notice me, and when he finally did, I felt like I had just won an Oscar.

After I said yes, he gave me a big hug and at that moment I wanted to kiss him, after all I'd hadn't had my first kiss yet, but I didn't want to overwhelm him so we just hugged for a while.

When I told my friends they were beyond ecstatic. Especially, Stacy which was surprising to me because I was actually a little nervous that she might've had a crush on Asher too, based on how long they had been friends. But it turned out there was no tension at all. No cat fights, no bitch slaps, nothing.  She and the rest of my friends are never ones to look for drama unless you count Lizzie some of the time.  They all supported my relationship with Asher a hundred and ten percent. I have to admit, even when Asher and I would get in some sort of fight, I would go to Stacy and ask her for advice since she knew Asher more than I did. Because of all of Stacy's advice givings, she became my closest friend at that time. My best friend Lizzie was at first kind of jealous of our friendship but thankfully that all blew over because she was too distracted by Evan. Yeah, that's right. Lizzie Fairfield and Evan Rogers actually have managed to stay together for almost two years now. Yet, unbelievably, I have never seen two people argue more than those two. It kind of reminds me of---my mom and that guy who I no longer consider to be my dad.

It doesn't really matter though, because I'm happy being with Asher and I could not have asked for a better guy to be my first boyfriend. I sometimes like to fantasize about Asher and I actually lasting through all of high school and possibly going to the same college. His parents already paid for him to go to a state college here in Florida and that's kind of my plan too. I couldn't imagine leaving Florida, frankly; it's beautiful beaches, its warm, breezy weather, and laid back attitude; everything about it is perfect. I also don't really want to think about leaving my mother behind either. I know it seems childish but it makes me want to cry just thinking about her being alone and I don't want to be a hundred or maybe even a thousand miles away, not knowing if she's actually ok or not. So, yeah, I guess you could say I have this whole plan laid out for the next ten years of my life.

Step 1: Graduate from high school.

Step 2: Attend college in Florida with Asher.

Step 3: Find a good job; I've always kind of wanted to be some sort of interior designer or home designer but I wouldn't mind flipping burgers or working some shit job first before I get my dream job.

Step 4: Help support my mom in every way possible. (And the gold medal for the best daughter in the world goes to...)

Step 5: Graduate from college, marry Asher, and live happily ever after.

I know I'm making it sound much easier than its actually going to be but I just hope that my future looks something like this list. The whole Asher asking me to marry him thing may be a little far fetched I think. Whatever, everything will all work out somehow. Life always does.  

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