Sorry it's been so long since I've uploaded. This chapter will have a some racy parts. I hope you like it, though. ENJOY!

" Bella? Could I come in?" I heard the most beautiful voice in the world say. Edward was behind the door. What the hell could he want now?

I quickly sat up in my bed, played with my hair to make sure it was perfect, and fixed my bra ( just so it could show a little more cleavage than usual). My plan of playing hard to get was still in full affect but I needed to step my game up. This was going to be a little harder than I thought. But this is what he needed.

"Bella?" Edward knocked on the door again. Instead of getting up I used my given gift of telekinesis to turn the door knob and open the door. I opened it slowly and wide enough that only he could walk in. He stood in the entrance with a look of confusion and surprise.

"Telekinesis." I stated simply. " I picked it up from an ex boyfriend of mine." I lied. I giggled to myself at how I was surprisingly keeping a straight face. Anyone who was around would know that I would never date anyone else unless their name was Edward Cullen. His face showed a mirror of hurt.

"I'm kidding. Edward, I got the gift from a crazy fan of mine. He had a huge crush on me and when I kindly turned him down he figured that if he couldn't have me, then nobody could. So i had know...get rid of him." I sighed, "But everything's fine." I said giving Edward an encouraging smile.

"Oh" he replied, his face lighted up like a child on Christmas day. I laughed as he tried to play it off. He walked in the room, and I closed the door behind him. He looked just as surprised as he did when I opened the door." Telekinesis,right" he said to himself for reassurance. He sounded nervous, and I was going to use that to my advantage. "Well, um, you've got great skills. You were amazing out there, who knew anybody could beat Emmett like that?" He walked towards me and sat at the foot of my bed facing me.

"Thanks, I guess somebody had to teach him," I said in pride," I'm sure he'll want a rematch some time soon though." he chuckled in agreement.

We sat there in silence waiting for someone to say something first. "So... is there anything else that you wanted to talk about?" I asked to break the silence.

"Oh, um, also Bella, Carlisle and Esme are a bit upset about earlier." Edward started. Oh yeah, I had completely forgot about them. But what could they have to be upset about? "Not at you though, Esme was a little hurt to find out that she had a grandchild she didn't know about." He finished looking down in shame.

" Oh, I see. I'll make sure I make it a point to go and talk to them." I said reassuringly.

Edward was staring off into space with a blank expression.

"Edward?" I called," Edward...what's wrong?" I waved my hand in front of his face. After a few seconds he came back down to Earth.

"Oh, sorry Bella, Alice was having another one of her visions and it caught me off guard, you know since she hasn't been having them lately." He said giving me that cricked grin that made my dead heart skip a beat.

"She wants us all to go shopping a little later." Thirty years ago, if I were to hear anyone even mention shopping I would run as fast as humanly possible away in the other direction. But now I've developed a like in the sport; that was all we, Arabella and I, mainly did when traveling the world.

"Okay, that sounds good." I replied flipping my hair to the side. Edward raised his eyebrows at my last statement in surprise and suspicion. I decided to start my magic. On my hands and knees, I crawled slowly over to Edward who was still sitting on the bed next to me and stopped directly in front of his face and placed my hand on his.That same shocking feeling occurred once again but I ignored it.

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