•25• confrontation

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"It doesn't look like a supervillain base." Sterling said, sounding disappointed.

"That's what I said!" I exclaimed.

We were currently hiding behind a raspberry bush while Skyler scoped out the area from above, just to make sure Cyrus didn't program any other supers to protect his base.

Sterling suddenly jolted, swinging his arms around to regain balance. When he found he couldn't, he grabbed hold of my arm and dragged me down with him.

"Eugh!" Sterling said; he was unfortunate enough to land in mud, whereas I barely managed to aim for a patch of wet grass. I scowled as he wiped the mud onto me. I couldn't do anything about it, because if I tried to move, he'd just squeeze harder.

"It's the perfect cover." Skyler said landing softly beside us, eyes trained on the cabin. "it doesn't seem like there's any rooms connected, so unless there's a passageway underneath it, that's all there is."

"I am so disappointed right now." Sterling frowned.

"What were you expecting?" Skyler snorted, "a medieval looking castle, with a moat of alligators surrounding it?"

Sterling crossed his arms and gave Skyler a look. "Don't judge me."

Skyler ignored him, and looked at me. "We'll check to see if the door's locked first, before you go in."

"Why not send her in right now, and save the time of checking?" Sterling asked, "or better yet, let me knock the door down?"

"I'm not sending Ashlyn in there alone if I don't have to," Skyler said as if it were obvious, "and we're trying to make as little noise as possible."

The closer we got to the cabin, the uglier it seemed to be. The frame looked as though it would break if someone slammed the door, the wood was rotten and chunks of it were missing in some places. I peeked through the window, but all I saw was darkness. A shiver ran down my spine.

"It's worse than my house!" Sterling exclaimed.

"At least there's still a roof." Skyler remarked.

"And there's no body-shaped holes in the wall." I added, glancing at Skyler.

"Ready?" Skyler asked; we didn't know what was behind the door. It could be snakes, for all we know.

"I think you should do an inspirational speech." Sterling said.

"What? Why?" Skyler glanced over his shoulder at him.

"Because that's what the team captain does in sports, before a game." Sterling said, as if it were obvious.

"You think I'm the team captain?" Skyler smirked.

Sterling looked revolted, "no. I'm only saying you should do it. Because my great speech is 'Don't die', and that's not very inspirational."

"Fair enough." Skyler pondered his words for a moment. "We haven't known each other very long-"

"Boring." Sterling interjected.

"Um- okay.." Skyler looked at the ground then back up, "we can-"

"Boring." Sterling said again.

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