Chapter 8

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Marks Pov:
"Calm down, I have to caaaaalm dooown. FUCK IT" I pick up my phone to text Jack but change my mind, immediately dropping it on my red sheeted bed that I was currently sitting cross legged on. "should I ask him on a date? What if he thinks I'm stupid?? What if I get rejected??? What if he doesn't like me?! He probably doesn't...come on, I have to at least try..." I mutter mostly too myself but also to Felix who was sitting looking a slightly melancholy on the chair next to my computer. He had convinced me to try to ask Jack out because I 'wouldn't shut up about the little fucker' as felix put it.
"Do it, you'll regret it if you don't, mainly because I'll brake your arm if you don't" he kindly threatened, trying convince me to do it,  even though i can literally hear my heart beating in my ears and it doesn't sound healthy, like I actually think I'm gunna pass out at this rate.
"Yeah I will regret it, won't I?" I say picking up my phone again but dropping it after "but what if-" "shut the fuck up or I'll do it for you!" "Holy fuck, alright"
I pick up my phone once more and start typing.
Felix looking pretty happy with himself as the only sound to be heard was the clicking of my phone and felix spinning full speed on my chair, I swear he's gunna turn into sonic if he goes any faster .

Markimoo: Hay!

Jackaboi:Hi Mark!

Markimoo: phew, I was worried you gave me the wrong number.

Markimoo: are you free at all today?

Jackaboi: Well, I was just gunna do the usual and play video games all day but I might be able to make an exception.

Markimoo:  haha, I'm glad because I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the movies with me? Just us two, alone.

Jackaboi: Wait, Are you asking me on a date?

Markimoo: no
Markimoo: maybe
Markimoo: yes

Jackaboi: ?wha??¿

Markimoo: yes, Jack do you want to go on a date with me?

Jackaboi: Haha of course ya big doof! 12:30 at the park good for you?

Markimoo: prefect  ;)
Markimoo: *perfect
Markimoo: fuck...

Jackaboi: haha, see you there marki! (◕‿◕✿)

"Holy shit... Fuck yes!!!" I shouted/screamed, causing felix to slightly jump in fright and fall of the chair because of my sudden outburst.

A bubbling feeling exploded in my stomach, causing me to involuntarily squeal And sprawl out on the bed, making many inhuman noises and incoherent messes of words because that was all my fuzzy brain could make up right now as I keel over from the bed onto the hard floor, not even caring if I broke anything.

Jacks Pov
"Holy shite...he asked me out! h-HE ACTUALLY ASKED ME OUT" I yell at the top of my lungs to Cry who was currently covering his ears, probably to stop them from bleeding from how loud I was being.
"I'm happy for you man!" Cry responded to my shouting as I curled up on my couch with my bright red face pressed into one of the pillows.

Crys pov:

Cri: you got Mark to ask Jack out already???

Pewdiesenpai: HA!! I got Mark to make the fist move! I WIN!!! ()*:・゚

Cri: aw come on!!! Stupid bet! I was about to tell Jack to make a move!

Pewdiesenpai: nope! Im the winner!!! You owe me a fancy dinner!
Pewdiesenpai: oh shit that rhymed.

Cri:really? do I have to make you a fancy dinner???

Pewdiesenpai: Ya know it ()

Pewdiesenpai: wait hold on,I think mark's stopped breathing, I'll be right back.

Cri: is he okay??

Pewdiesenpai: yeah, I poked him with a controller and he screamed, so I think he's good.

Cri: sweet, want to come round later?

Pewdiesenpai: and have a fancy dinner?

Cri: of course

Pewdiesenpai: fuck yes!

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