Chapter 7

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Jacks pov:

Fuck mornings.

I shift under the sheets and yawn sleepily, as I rest my head back into the warm pillow. wait is this pillow fuckin breathing? I lift my heavy head up slightly confused to see a sleeping Mark, my head laying on his chest as it rises and falls with each steady breath he takes in, Oh yeah, I'm at felixs place.
I look around the room a bit, me and Mark are the only people sleeping on the couch, his arm draped around me and I'm pressed into his side. Bob is asleep on the floor and wade asleep on the arm chair. I don't even know how Wade can sleep like that, he is in the weirdest fucking position I think anyone can even possible sleep in as he snores obnoxiously loud, thankfully not waking anyone. I don't see cry and felix though, they must have gone into Felixs room for the night.

I take this time to study Marks face, how amazingly defined his jaw is, lined with short, but neat stubble, his floofy red hair that's all messy from sleeping (ik I said blue before but fuck it) and his amazing lips, how all of his features tie in together perfectly to form the most amazing looking person possible.

Marks pov:

I woke up a while ago, I've just been thinking. I kept my eyes shut though because I don't want them to feel like they've been set on fire due too all the light. I feel Jack sit up slightly then lay back down, nuzzling into my side. I peek my eyes open slightly to see his staring back at me, but he quickly averted them when he saw me looking, adorable.

"Top of the mornin mark, sorry I thought you where asleep" he yawned tiredly while rubbing his eyes and brushing his green bed head out of his way.

"It's fine. Morning" I whispered back, attempting too not wake up anyone else.

I didn't notice how close me and Jack were until our noses slightly brushed together, causing us to look at each other and our eyes to lock in an intoxicating gaze. His eyes are so captivating, like the ocean, so full of life as they capture the morning sunlight. They look almost like a clear sky on a perfect day, only much prettier.

Jacks pov:

Marks eyes are amazing, like melted chocolate, they are so dark but still able to shine in the shadows somehow, like pebbles in a river.

We kinda just stayed like that for a while, content and lost in each others eyes.

"Someone shut Wade up before I throw a shoe at him" Bob says abruptly, clearly annoyed by the loud snoring emanating from our friend.

~slight time skip brought to by the little biscuit~

Marks pov:

"Sorry guys I have to go" Jack states making my heart sink a little in my chest.
"I can walk you if you want?" I offer, hoping he'll say yes so I can spend more time with him, even if it is only a few minutes.

"Yeah sure man, I only live a few blocks away so it won't be that far to walk" he replied with a cute smile, grabbing our bags and handing mine to me, double checking in case we left anything, then headed out the door after saying goodbye.

It was a nice morning, it wasn't busy and you could here all the lovely birds singing their little tunes and the wind slowly brushing through the bright tree leaves.
We talked for a while, just about casual things like video games we both liked, movies and YouTubers we watched. We actually had a lot in common. We both loved the new game that just came out called 'inside' even if it was a little...unsettling? Okay maybe 'horrific'.

Once we arrived at Jacks front door he turned towards me."Thanks for walking me mark" "no problem" I smiled warmly at him and he kindly returned it "hay, can I see your phone for a sec?" He asked after a small pause. "Yeah sure" I unlocked my phone and placed in into his hand, a little confused when he started typing. "Here, I put my number on your contacts, text me. Also I'll see you at the camping trip! Maybe even before" he put my phone back in my hand and sweetly pecked me on the lips before walking into his house, leaving me there to smile like a fucking maniac and my heart to feel like it was going to burst through my chest like in fucking alien.
Did I have a chance with him? I fucking hope so!!

Woohoo! Another chapter! I've just been down in Gleneagles for a week so sorry for the delay! More chapters coming!!

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