Chapter 6

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Marks Pov:

Wade puts the DVD in and the menu pops up, of course the same with most horror movies, they outdid themselves and made the menu creepy as fuck! The slowly paced piano music loudly plays through the tv, causing us all the become slightly unnerved as Cry presses the play button and the movie begins, starting off with a more tension than a shaken can of coke.

~small time skip brought to you by septiceye Sam~

One of the main characters were walking painfully slowly down the bloodstained hall to the last room with the oak wood door that had just been slammed shut, noises could be heard from the other side of the door and I knew she was screwed. who da fuck stays in a house that is obviously hunted?! I'd just nope the fuck out if there!

I get slightly startled by a shy tug on my shirt sleeve, turning my head so I can face an extremely sceptical looking Jack with half his face hidden in the covers, only his breath taking eyes above them as they move to look at me.

"Uh m-mark I'm scared" he quietly whined out and I could basically feel my heart braking in two.

"Come here" I say, opening my arms and wrapping them loosely around him. To my surprise (not that I was complaining) he shuffled closer and closer till his head was resting on my chest and his crystal blue eyes still glued to the tv.

I looked around a bit. Cry and felix huddled together on a chair, Bob sat on the carpeted floor next to Wade who honestly looked like he was gunna shit himself at this point.

I turned back towards the movie screen, feeling somewhat content, but that feeling soon passed, well I say passed I mean shot out of my mind as a monster, girl, thing? I don't even know wtf it was, emitted an ear splitting scream causing Bob to scream then everyone els, basically I think my ears are bleeding.

As this happened Jack quickly clung onto me and hid his frightened face in the crook of my neck, his warm, unsteady breath tickling slightly as I tightened my grip on him and tried to rub soothing circles on his shivering back, whispering for him to calm down and breath.

After a while he calmed down and unhid his flushed face from my neck, turning back towards the movie "sorry" he whispered just loud enough for me to hear him. "Don't be" I replied, still rubbing his back slightly.

I looked up at felix and cry, both of them smirking at me and jack as we cuddled close.

The night continued with a lot of cheep jumpscares, cuddles and tones of snacks. After a while, when the movie had calmed down a bit and started to come to its anticlimactic end, Jack slowly fell asleep on me, his head resting lazily on my chest as I played with his pastel green hair, being careful so I wouldn't wake him from his peaceful dreams, my own eyes starting to feel heavier and cloud up with the temptation of sleep.

I could really get used to this.

Authors note!
Hay, can I just say thank you, thank you for your supportive comments, and thank you for the fact that you kept reading this book (even though I'm shitty for updates)
I really didn't think this book would go far because I actually have dyslexia, and words sometimes get jumbled up in my Brian and it can be quite scary. (dyslexia does not affect my normal life at all, I can read fine and I can sometimes write fine, there are just moments when it gets slightly bad and writing is the only subject it affects, (FUN FACT!:albert einstein was dyslexic) . Because the writing part of my brain is slightly less active than the rest, it means that the brain power I don't use for writing goes onto the artistic part of my brain, which is why I love art so much and I have a really active imagination, making it slightly easier to think of story ideas. I was very self conscious about writing because I felt like I would mess up or something. But thank you for all your support because writing and seeing how much all of you like this book is really helping me deal with dyslexia and gave me a huge confident boost!
So thank you!!!
There will be another chapter soon!

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