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RECAP - Book 1 Ealdorman - Contains spoilers. Find Ealdorman on Wattpad

England: The Second Viking Age

Five ealdormen bestride King Aethelred II's Witan offering wise counsel whilst serving their King as his representative in the old Saxon Kingdoms, united now for nearly a hundred years.

Leofwine, injured on a trip to the Outer Isles with Olaf of Norway, by Swein of Denmark, returns to his King in England fearing that he is no longer able to carry out the duties required of him. Faced with a King who sees his injury and not his potential, and with three of the other ealdormen happy to highlight his infirmities, Leofwine knows that he must convince his King to act aggressively against the Viking raiders who attack the land.

Involved in another altercation with a group of raiders on home territory, he works hard to convince the King to attack but fails to convince him. When Aethelweard, the aged ealdorman of the western provinces, another proponent of the plan, dies, Leofwine fears that the King will never heed his advice, especially when the other ealdormen are so keen to maintain the status quo.

As the raids intensify, Aethelred is finally convinced to attack by the sheer ineptitude of his ealdormen and announces he will lead the army himself. His chosen target - the kingdom of Strathcylde, allies of the raiders. Ealdorman concludes in the year 1000 after a successful military action against the Kingdom of Strathclyde near Chester. Ealdormen continues the action immediately after the end of Ealdorman.

***I have made a few chapter changes - just some easier divisions, no major plot changes. If you're already reading, I haven't changed much and if you're just starting to read, I hope you enjoy my NaNowriMo project. If I make any major changes to chapters as I go, I will let you know that you might need to reread a chapter again. Thanks for the support***