Graduation and Question

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More time passed
Josh's pov.
I'm going to ask her. But I need to ask first. First Riley, then Cory, then Shawn
Josh- hey ri, let's talk.
Riley- okay
Josh- how would you feel about.... Having a new aunt!!
Riley- uncle Josh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Yay!!!! When are you going to ask!?!?!?!?!
Josh- right after graduation, if I get approval from everyone else.
Riley- yay, I only wish Lucus would do that. But we haven't been together that long.
Josh- yeah, but I'm glad you guys got back together! I've got to go talk to cor

Cory- what's up.
Josh- Maya and me. Love. Question.
Cory- THE question
Josh- yes
Cory- YESSSSSSS!!!!!
Josh- thank god!
Cory- I'm so happy for you, although, it's going to be weird that my former student will be my sister
Josh- yeah. Well, I've got to go talk to Shawn!
Cory- good luck.
Cory called Shawn and told him
Josh- Shawn, we need to talk
Shawn- okay, talk
Josh- I want to ask Maya to marry me
Shawn- I know
Josh- dang it Cory!!
Shawn- yeah, he can't keep his mouth shut. So when you gunna do it?
Josh- does that mean you approve!!?
Shawn- I've always approved! I knew you guys would end up together, your like Cory and topanga.
Josh- I'm going to do it at graduation
Shawn- perfect. Good luck.
Maya- Josh you came!!
Josh- yes, my niece is graduating.
Maya gives him a cute sassy look
Josh- oh, and her beautiful blond haired friend.
Maya- oh yeah, her. You're too cute
Josh- not as cute as you.
Riley- okay Maya, let's go.
Josh- Maya!! I'm so proud of you!!!
Maya- thanks!
Josh- let's go take a walk.
Maya- okay?
Josh walks her to the spot they had their first date, their secret spot.
Josh- Maya, I love you, but you already know that. And I've told you before that I can't imagine my life without you, and that I always want you in my life. But now it's different. Now that you've graduated your all grown up, you are going to move out, do things, travel and do art, do whatever your heart calls you to do. When I graduated highschool my heart called me to Cory. I've lived with Cory for a while now, because that's what my heart called me to do. Now my heart is calling me to a hart. My heart is calling me to a hart that will hopefully become a Matthews. Maya, my heart is calling me to you, and wherever your heart calls. ( Josh gets down on one knee ) Maya Penelope hart, will you marry me?
Maya- oh my gosh!!! Josh!!!!!!!
Josh- do you have an answer?
Maya- yes, of course I'll marry you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They kiss.
Maya- let's go tell everyone!!
They went back to the school and showed everyone the beautiful ring.
Riley- I'm so happy!!
Topanga- good luck!!
Katy- I'm so glad my daughter found you Josh!
Shawn- my little girl is growin up!
Cory- Maya, you aren't my student anymore, but now you are going to be my sister... Oh my!!
Lucus walks up, who has barely talked to any of them since the incident
Lucus- I'm happy for you guys
Maya- thanks ranger Rick!

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