Time Will Tell

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It's been 2 years. Maya and Josh forever in love. Still haven't done " it " yet.
Josh- hey, why don't you come over tonight.
Maya- I don't think that's a good idea.
Josh- why?
Maya- every time I come over Riley gets mad when I spend time with you.
Josh- she's gone, so is everyone else, they went on a family vacation, they invited me but I had school. But tonight and tomorrow I don't. So, wanna stay the night.
Maya- okay.
Josh's pov.
Maya came over about 7, I made her dinner, then we went into my room and started making out. Then we started whispering in each other's ears.
Maya- Josh, I'm ready.
Josh- are you sure?
Maya- yes
Josh- okay. I love you Maya
Maya- I love you too.
That night we did it, it was fun, you know how it goes. That didn't determine our love though. Our love was determined by our late night conversations, about the deepest stuff. That's determines our love.

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