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Lucus went into Maya's apartment. Josh was there.
Lucus- us three. Talk. Now.
Josh- okay.
Riley and farkel came in out of no where to watch.
Lucus- I like you maya
Josh- woah, cowboy! I know you broke up with Riley, but me and maya are still very much together.
Lucus- that doesn't mean I can't like her. Actually I love her.
Josh- okay. You can stop right there.
Maya- Josh
Josh- it's okay. I'm fine. Cowboy here just needs to chill his feelings.
Lucus- choose maya.
Maya- choose? Isn't it obvious I already chose Josh!
Lucus- but re examine your choice, and consider me.
Maya- I-I-
Josh- Lucus, knock it off.
Lucus- you need to chill Josh, give her a chance to choose that she loves me.
Josh- okay. You wanna do it that way?!?!
Josh pushes Lucus up against the wall
Josh- she is my girl. She means the world to me!!! I love her!! I love her with all my heart!! She is my everything! I will not have you desrespect her like this!! You had your chance, and you passed her up, and you missed out on one amazing lady!!! She deserves better than you, she deserves better than me!!!!!
Lucus- bye.
Everyone left.
Josh- I'm sorry Maya
Maya- you mean what you said?
Josh- 100%
Maya- I love you too!!!
They kiss

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