All for You (Thomas Shelby x Reader)

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"I've been here before,

But always hit the floor,

I've spent a lifetime runnin',

And I always get away,

That makes me want to stay,"

Thomas Shelby grieved over the death of his wife by sleeping with number of women with any free time he had. He would take out his frustrations with sex besides speaking to anyone about his thoughts. He never discussed his emotions with anyone. He kept to himself and his son, Charles.

This morning he had woken up to find his bed occupied by a warm body next to him. He moved the strands of hair out of the face, trying to see what stranger he allowed to sleep in his bed. His eyebrows furrowed, seeing your relaxed face, snoring softly. Somewhere in his head, someone told him he had to get up and dressed, to wake you up and hurry you out. His whole body had resisted and rejected the idea. He laid his down softly, facing your face. He was curious how one could sleep peacefully next to a dangerous gang leader.

You had moved to Birmingham with your brother a year ago, both of your parents deceased. Your brother was looking to join the Peaky Blinders knowing you would have the protection of them. When Tommy had first met your brother, he thought he was inexperienced and innocent. Your brother had proven him wrong by going on a risky job with other men. He had returned with cuts causing you to worry you. You had heard of the Peaky Blinders and how dangerous they were, but that didn't stop you when you had walked into Thomas Shelby's office and reprimanded him like a mother would to a child.

Tommy's first thought of you was who let this crazy women into this office and who was she yelling at him about? He thought it was funny how hard she tried to look intimidating you tried to be in front of him. You tried to make your eyes look cold and keep your posture firm. After you had finished and Tommy opened his mouth, your brother had barged in. He kept spilling apologies for you and tried to drag you out of the office before you either caused embarrassment or anger the Shelby man. You tried to protest saying how you were going to give a piece of your mind to him. As the office door had shut, he had sat down continuing with his work, marking a spot in his mind of your face, just in case he ever saw you again.

After that, your and your brother became close to the Shelbys. They had taken your brother under their wing and help with both sides of the business. You had gotten close with the girls, helping them with a few things of the legal side of it. You had taken the job of being a caretaker for Charles Shelby, Grace's and Tommy's child while they were busy. To say your heart didn't break when they married was not true. You had fallen for Tommy, for it was he had control and it made him strong,or how you had seen him play with his son when he thought no one was watching. You pushed all feelings aside and continued on with your life.

With the death of Grace, Tommy would be with woman after woman trying to prevent his heart from breaking. He protected himself with quick sex and whiskey. He had never expected you to be one of those women. With you lying there in his bed, he felt different. It wasn't like how he felt with the other women who had gotten the chance to stay overnight with the Shelby man. He didn't find an urge to hurry and get out of bed. He didn't feel so empty with your beside him. He found himself relaxing. He watched the covers, that covered your chest, rise and fall with each breath. He had wish to capture this moment. The moment when everything had vanished around him and that there was only you.

"How do I live? How do I breathe?

When you're not here I'm suffocating,

I wanna feel the love running through my blood,

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