Ch 18: I Might as Well Throw you a Bone, dog.

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Killian POV: 

I ran my hands down the sides of Gizmos dress, feeling the soft velvet over her curves, the dress hugged her in the most scandalously wonderful way, flaring out softly mid thigh. 

I pressed her closer to me as I drank in the taste of her lips, Her fingers burying in my hair.

Kissing a drunken Gizmo senseless in some alleyway in liverpool in the middle of the night was more than likely not the wisest decision.

But she has been taunting me since the moment I met her, with her unusual sensuality, crass sense of humor and piercing hazel eyes.

This woman was like no other I have ever met and I wanted her.

Even if for only one night, I needed a taste of her.

I would never find another like her, I knew that full well.

Which is most likely one of the biggest reasons I allow myself to be carried away by her.

it is why I found myself tracing the seam of her lips. 

She made a small purring sound in the back of her throat, her own tongue flicking out to play...then she decided to take over.

I grinned to myself a bit as she flipped us around and pressed me against the nearest wall, running her hands up my chest, determinately showing my coat from my shoulders as her lips caressed my jawline.

Well. If she wants to be hasty...

my fingers skimmed over the back of her dress and the lacings of her tan leather corset before splaying over her rump.

She made a slight noise of surprise and pause for a moment before resuming her trail down my jaw and neck. 

For such a prickly woman, gizmo had a surprisingly delicate touch.

...probably something she read about in some book about intercourse and arousal. 


She hummed against me.

"perhaps we should take this somewhere else."

Her eyes flickered open and she nodded once before walking off without saying a word.

I followed after her down the silent streets as we passes shop after shop and home after home before reaching a strange slanted building on an otherwise bland looking street. 

She swung open the door and walking inside. 

Again I followed, shutting it behind me as she hopped onto the front counter, raising a brow at me, "..well?"

Well I with with her in seconds, savoring the feeling as I ran my hands over her thighs, over her hips and her sides. my lips captured her own in another searing kiss.

I wondered briefly what Gizmo looked like without her corsets and well..everything else.

slowly I traced the laces of her corset, not so gently loosening the knot followed by the infernal contraption itself. 

suddenly she reached behind herself, gripping my hand, "I am drunk Mr. Blythe, but not that drunk, if you wish to unlace my bodice and have me lift my skirts for you, I'm going to need more to drink and a different date."

I nodded, admittedly slightly disappointed that I wouldn't be getting my taste but Gizmo was to be respected as are her wishes. 

I smiled charmingly at her, "of course gizmo apologies for my hastiness."

She hummed, "Ah...well as I said perhaps another time."

My brows furrowed, "wha-"

Suddenly I found myself facing down the barrel of her pistol, "but as of now, Mr Blythe, I do believe you have made yourself an obstacle in my way."

"...where did you even hide that in that dress?"

"my boot you idiot."

I ahed at her, "you my dear are far from drunk."

"only fools get drunk alone in a room full of strange men. I have goals Mr. Blythe, I was going to achieve them until you showed up."

"Please Gizmo I do think we are long past this mr. Blythe nonsense. now...I would really enjoy it if you put down the pistol and calmly explained to me what it is I have done."

"I am calm."

I could see that by the cold calculating look in her eyes.

She continued, "You disrupted my life when you showed up in london and when I left you couldn't leave me be, you just interrupted my dealings for passage out of this damned country. and for what? a ghost. If you wish to see miss Gladstone so badly, I will send you to her."

"I don't need you to shoot me to see Miss Gladstone, I'm looking at one of them this moment, She's beautiful by the way."

Her eyes turned impossibly colder, "go back to London Killian."

"Not without you Gizmo."

"I am not going anywhere with you."

I sighed, "I'm not your enemy Gizmo. put the gun down. I don't care which twin you are, we can keep you safe."

She cocked the pistol, "is that so? and do tell, who is going to keep you safe from me?"

"you are not a threat."

"I'm going to shoot you in your genitalia."

"...I stand corrected. Gizmo. Ginnie. Ginger. whichever name you choose, just put it down and listen you are in danger."

"I have always been in danger. There is nothing you or anyone else can do about it."

I looked her over slowly, realizing for the first time just how badly Gizmo never wanted to be found, "i am sorry Gizmo, but there is no returning to your life, my empolyer know you are one of them, I found out through one woman, the others looking for you or your sister will too. You have to come with me."

"I am never going back!"

Her sudden outburst was shocking. I took a step back, "I'm not going to make you."

"Leave the dead in the past damn it!"

"I can't Gizmo."

She was shaking.

The pistol was shaking as I slowly took it from her. 

"Let me go Killian."

"If I do, you are going to die."

Her eyes were shadowed by the stray hair falling from her elegant pins, "Perhaps that is for the best then isn't it? For me to join the rest of the damn ghosts you wish to chase?"

"No. Just please Gizmo dear, allow me to help you."

"Why would you care."

"you are much to interesting to allow to die miss Gladstone."

She licked her lips, eyeing me carefully.

The girl looked tired.

As if the years of running and hiding had finally taken its toll, "well. if I am going to die doubt I will leaving my fate to you fools..."

I rose a brow, such faith this woman has.

She ran her hand through her hair, that exhaustion washing over her again as her eyes met mine before returning to their steely state, "damn it all to hell.." She held out her hand, "I suppose after all your damn effort I might as well throw you a bone, dog. You can call me Ginnie."

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