GHB x Signless

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(Requested by @billcipher2489, I haven't written much about them but it used to be my OTP, I still love the ship, I wrote one on them a long time ago but I can't find it so I'll just have to re-write it <3 ^^)

   [Signless POV]

  I look at him... Damnit, why does he have to do this.

"The motherfuck you lookin at!" The Grand High Blood yells harshly at me

"Nothing" I glare off into space

"The fuck you're not..." He grabbed my shoulder and turned me around harshly

"Let go of me you insufferable dick head!" That just seemed to make things worse

He threw me against the wall, me slamming into the wall and knocking the wind out of me, I winced in pain and my back hit the hard wall, when I got to my feet I felt another harsh blow to the stomach, I spit, the taste of iron filling my mouth, I coughed a few times, blood coming up a little.

He kisses me harshly pinning me against the wall pushing his tounge to my lips seeking entrance.I let him in, our tongues fighting for dominance, he wins with ease.

god dammit, I think as his tongue explores my mouth. He kicks me down to the ground ripping of my "cape" following with my pants, My Bulge slides out of my nook and I moan under my breath

"get on your hands and knees low blood!" He yells kicking me down again.

I obey him getting on my hands and knees "this is quite embarrassing so get it over with" I scowl as I spit out the words. 

I hear him take off his pants. Damn I've lost again. He puts his bulge to my nook and slams it in as hard as he possibly can, I moan feeling pain, but at the same time loving it every time he thrusted into my nook, I moan as loud as my lungs allow. The Grand High Blood slammed into me harder with each thrust, I scream and cry out loud. "GOD FUCKING DAMMIT JUST KEEP DOING IT!"I was so close to finishing, "Gog damn!!!!" I whimper and moan his name.

He finished working his cum into my nook. We both flopped over onto the floor panting.

I kiss his cheek softly.

"You wuss" He says smiling his big smile at me.

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