Chapter 18

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Your P.O.V

Sherlock and I walked back to the hotel room. Today we were going to the beach. We got back to the room and got changed...again. I put on my peach swimsuit, my swimsuit cover-up and heels that i could take off when I got to the beach. I put my hair up and attached some flowers. I packed a straw bag with sun-tan lotion, sunglasses, my purse and a bottle of after-sun lotion. I walked out and everyone else was changed. The beach was a 10 minute walk from our hotel so we just walked it. We got to the beach and Mr Holmes, Mrs Holmes, Mycroft and John were going to set up the umbrella and the sunbeds. So Sher and I took a walk. We got further down the beach and Sherlock stopped. "You know I love you, right?", he questioned. "Yes, as you keep reminding me Sherlock", i replied. "Turn around", he said. I did as he said. I felt his fingers graze my neck as something was attached. I turned back around and looked at the necklace that dangled.

I smiled as tears formed in my eyes

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I smiled as tears formed in my eyes. A beautiful locket dangled from my neck and I opened it. There were two pictures of Sher and I. On one side it was the picture of us at the cafe the same day we rescued Cassy, kissing. Our first kiss. The other one was us in the swimming pool when I was on Sher's back with my head back in laughter while he looked at me with adoring eyes. "Well Ive never had a girlfriend, so is it alright?", he asked concerned.I laughed and hugged Sher tightly. "I love it", I said. He kissed me lovingly and when we pulled apart. I took my high heels off, grabbed his hand and we ran back to the place where they were getting set up. When we got there everything was set up and Mikey was blowing up a Pizza Floaty. It had 6 slices all joined together that you could detach at any time. I took off my swimsuit cover-up, put my heels and the cover-up in my bag. My hand reached to the locket as I didnt want to get it wet. "It's waterproof, just so you dont have to take it off. I know you dear.", Sherlock laughed. I laughed too. Mikey, Sher, John and Mr Holmes all took their tops off and Mrs Holmes and I looked away shyly. I stuffed everything in my bag and went to put it in a locker. I got back and Mrs Holmes was on one of the 6 slices attached to the pizza. I laughed. "Get on it Y/N!", Mikey laughed. I climbed onto one of the slices and the 4 boys pushed it into the water and then swam to climb up on it. Sher was on one side of me and Mikey was on the otherside. John was beside Sher and beside John was Mr Holmes, then Mrs Holmes, then Mikey. We floated out in the middle of the ocean all chatting about memories. "Well, Sherlock, you should be pretty chuffed you have Y/N, considering you've never had a girlfriend before!", Mrs Holmes said joyfully. "Thanks for the compliment", I laughed. Sher was blushing madly and everyone laughed. "It's so weird to see him in love, he's usually so cold-hearted", John said. "I am right here you know?", Sherlock said. We all laughed. It was shaping up to be a pretty great road-trip."Oh my god, Y/N, your locket is beautiful!", Mrs Holmes complimented. "Thank you", I blushed and looked at Sher. He looked extremely proud of himself. "Sherlock did you give her that?", Mikey said giving Sher a sly smile. "Yeah", Sherlock said proudly. "Aww that's my boy!", Mrs Holmes gushed. Yep, it was amazing. For once we never realised there were cameras snapping away at our every movement. We floated back to shore laughing. Before we got there, Sher pushed Mikey into the water. I burst out laughing. "What are you laughing at?", Mikey questioned and pulled me in too, laughing. John laughed and said I deserved it. "Oh really?",i said. And the smile was wiped off John's face as he fell in. We all laughed. Sher looked pleased he was the only one on the float besides his parents. That was until Mrs Holmes pushed Sherlock and his father in. "GO MRS HOLMES!", I shouted. She pulled me back up on the float and we paddled it away. I gave, John and Mikey a wave and blew a kiss at Sher. John and Mikey laughed and Sher smiled slyly. I had a feeling i was in some funny trouble when i got back. I smiled. We got to shore and I let my hair dry off in the sun. Mrs Holmes and I grabbed a sunbed as we saw Sher and everyone else swim back. Sher got out first. "That was nasty", he said. "Whoops", I laughed. He cut me off with a long kiss. "That was your punishment.", he laughed. He gestured for me to stand up, i stood up, he sat down and gestured to his knee. I rose an eyebrow, smiling and he looked at me with pleading eyes. I sat on his knee just as Mikey, John and Mr Holmes swam back. Sher lay down and i got off his knees and lay beside him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and the next thing I know, we are drifting off to sleep.

Author's Note:

Sorry if this chapter is really long its, like 942 words, but i wanted to make up for the short chapter that i just wrote when I had writer's block. Anyways, thank you so much for those of you who read and vote for my book. And if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to private message me and i will reply.

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