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Josh's pov.
So we got back from the ski lodge last week. Before the ski lodge I knew I liked maya, but at the ski lodge I knew I loved her. I don't know if she really likes me or if she just has a crush, but I know I love her. She's amazing! But I can think of 1,000 problems. What if she only has a crush and doesn't really like me? What if I hurt her? What if she isn't ready? What will Riley think? What will Cory think? What will Shawn think? Shawn is like her dad, he will kill me! Me and maya have been friends, and we've been texting since we got back from the lodge. I'm ready to ask. But I need to talk to everyone first. Cory and topanga are first.
Josh- hey cor, I need to talk to you and topanga.
Cory- go right ahead.
Josh- I like maya.
Cory- what?!?  Really?
Josh- yes, I really like maya, like a lot!
Topanga- since when? How did this happen?
Josh- I've known for a while, but I just thought it was because she like worships me, but no. At the ski lodge I realized that my feelings for her are incredibly deep. She's amazing. I can't get her out of my head!
Cory- so why does this concern us!
Josh- can I ask her out? Would you be against it? Is it wrong? Am I too old? Is she too young?
Cory- you've barely started college, and she has barely started high school, but you are only 3 years apart, and who cares, if you really do like her, you should ask.
Josh- do you approve?
Cory- yes, maya is a very nice young lady, and j think she is ready for a real relationship, but be ware that she has had a lot of change lately, especially with Shawn joining her family too, so be carful, and be there for her!
Josh- always! I could never hurt her!
Cory- good luck!
Josh- is Riley home?
Cory- yes, why
Josh- she's going to be the hard one to get permission from!
Cory- true!
Josh went to Riley's room.
Riley- uncle josh!
Josh- can we talk?
Riley- come sit down.
Josh- in the bay window? Such an honor
Riley- this is a special place, and the look in your eyes looks like you are talking about a special person.
Josh- indeed
Riley- maya?
Josh- yes
Riley- what's up?
Josh- I like her Riley, a lot!
Riley- I know
Josh- no, you don't, I like her more than you could even imagine. I want to ask her out.
Riley- josh.
Josh- I know we are 3 years apart, but what's 3 years!
Riley- josh
Josh- I need her in my life, and I want to be closer to her!
Riley- josh, you can't!
Josh- why?!
Riley- she's my best friend!
Josh- I want her to be mine too!
Riley- but, you can't! She'll get hurt!
Josh- I don't think so
Riley- when you guys break up, she will be so hurt
Josh- I don't think we will ever break up if she likes me as much as I like her!
Riley- uncle josh?
Josh- yeah
Riley- do you love her?
Josh- yes, but don't tell anyone!
Riley- I won't! You have my permission, but don't hu--
Josh- I won't!
They hug.
Josh- should I ask lucus?
Riley- you should, he's like her brother, soooo.
Josh goes to lucus's
Lucus- josh?
Josh- I don't have much time, let's talk!
Lucus- okay, talk!
Josh- you care about maya?
Lucus- yeah, but I'm kinda with Riley.
Josh- I know! I'm going to ask her out. Any objections?
Lucus- you know, she may not have liked me, but I still really really really like her.
Josh- I know. But you have Riley now.
Lucus- I don't know how i feel about you with her though
Josh- please! I really like her
Lucus- okay, but if you hurt her, I will hurt you!
Josh heads down to topangas to talk to Maya's mom
Josh- long story short, I really like maya, I'm going to talk to Shawn, but can I ask her out?
Katy- yes!
Josh- thanks!
Josh finds Shawn.
Shawn- ahhhh! I've been awaiting your arrival!
Josh- why?
Shawn- Cory told me!
Josh- oooohhh
Shawn- let's take a walk kid.
Josh- okay.
Shawn- maya is my daughter now. You are a boy. A boy that likes her. Why do you like her?
Josh- she's so compassionate in a way that is secretive, but true. She's honest, when it comes to the things that matter. She's got emotional strength, and she's just simply amazing. Not to mention she's beautiful, but that doesn't matter.
Shawn- smart boy. Why do you want to date her?
Josh- simply because I l-l-l-ove her. I don't want to have a life without her, and I have much deeper feelings for her than just friendship.
Shawn- wow. Don't hurt my girl.
Josh- I wouldn't ever. She means too much to me.
Shawn- I approve. Now go ask her!
Josh- thank you so much sir!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Josh's pov.
I texted maya to meet me in a secret spot in a park. The thing is, this is the most beautiful part of the part, but no one knows about it accept my family, and maya, because Riley showed her. I was waiting there with 3 roses, a basket full of her favorite food, and a card. Maya walked up.
Josh- maya. You look beautiful.
Maya- I'm wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt
Josh- doesn't change the fact that you look beautiful.
I grabbed her hands.
Josh- maya, I really like you. And I know we agreed to wait. But I have a new deal. How about instead of holding hands and doing the whole dating thing for 3 months a year, that we just do it all the time. Maya, you mean the world to me, I like you a lot. You're so amazing and I don't know how to say it otherwise. Farkle says smakle makes him feel bluidulea. And that's how you make me feel times 1000. Here are 3 roses for every year in between is that doesn't matter, because feelings are stronger than years. Here is a card. ( the card says: we agreed to play the long game, but why not play together? )
After reading the card Maya looks up.
Josh- maya Penelope hart, will you give me the honor as to call you my girlfriend?
Maya- yes. Josh, yes!
Josh- do you really like me, and it's not just a crush?
Maya- all the times at Riley's family stuff when I saw you it was a crush, but the ski lodge, was when I realized that feelings are deeper than looks, and that's when I knew I had deep feelings for you that can't be described.
Josh- then, join me for our first date! I packed a picnic. Your favorite food.
Maya- thank you!

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