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Do not copy any of the ideas, characters, and/or situations in this novel. This story is under strict copyright as of 2016. Any infringement upon this law will be sentenced with a lifetime in the dungeons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, like, don't do it. K? K.

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Welcome Dukes, Duchesses, Marquees, Marquesses, and Clergymen! You are hereby a member of the nobility at Highcliffe court! My name is Sarah -the royal supervisor, and I'll be escorting you to your lavish and refined chambers this evening. Follow me down this warm, candlelit corridor.

Why are you here, you ask? I really don't know: but I'll give you a little run down of what you're about to experience.

So, in the (totally not fictional) Empire of Highcliffe, there are many provinces and counties. Some of these include Easton, Windshire, and Barrington. But not everything is a fairytale here, there have been many conspiracies of rebel overtakers whispered about the kingdom for quite some time now. Some advisors have even been telling the King to keep an eye on even the servants at his own court. And man, that's serious stuff ;)

Speaking of the King, the Royal family is very loved and cherished here -- so don't go and join the rebels or anything *wink wink*
The current household includes the ever-endearing King Charles, the beloved Queen Katherine, their first born son and heir to the throne, Prince George, and the mischievous scandal-stricken, Prince Mathew. But recently, the peasants and citizens in Highcliffe have been going mad in anticipation for their future princess to visit court for the first time, Lady Marietta of Barrington.

Ah, it seems we've reached your room! I hope you find it accommodating to your every need. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, by highlighting the word and clicking 'comment'.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy following Lady Marietta around court as you get to know your way around the palace!

Hey! One more thing before you shut the door in my face! Please comment, It's a bazillion times better than a vote. I literally have no interest in the votes, I mean sure that's great, but I would much rather read your feedback. I dare you to do it! I'll tell the King if you don't! ;)

Thanks! Happy reading!

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