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“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!”  Jason could not stop screaming as he fell off his seat, his hand up in the air like it was some kind of alien.

          Oliver did not know whether to move and help Jason or attend to the patient.  The scene unfolding in front of him really did seem like one out of a sci-fi movie now and he was not dreaming it up.  He really wished that was not the case.

          Keeping one eye on Jason who was still screaming and holding his hand up in the air, he moved toward the patient to see how he was doing.  Oliver knew they probably were only five minutes or so away from the hospital, so if he could just hang on that long…

          “Oh…my…WHAT THE…” Oliver yelled as he backed away from the gurney where Ferdinand lay.  He kept going until the wall of the ambulance that separated them from the driver abruptly stopped him, causing his whole face to shake as he hit that wall with a heavy thud.  

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