Chapter XXVII: Lamentations and The Truth

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"Here we are, Andrea," Jerry said as he stopped in front of the building where Andrea stays.

Andrea raised her head from Victoria's shoulder and glowered at her apartment building. Her mother's words still rang in her ears like an annoying sound she dare not listen to.

"Are you going to be okay?" Victoria asked, concerned.

She looked at her best friend and forced a smile, "Of course, Victoria. I've already ruined your day, I'm not going to ruin your life further by tagging along to wherever your honeymoon will be," she said in a cheerful manner.

Victoria took her shoulders and distanced Andrea from her to get a slightly clearer view of Andrea's face through the darkness of the car.

"I'm really, really concerned, Andrea. I don't want you to do something stupid, okay?" Victoria said.

Andrea scowled, "I'm not suicidal, Victoria!" she protested.

"Even so but... Oh, Andie just be careful, please?"

Andrea rolled her eyes, "What's going to happen to me in my apartment?" she asked sarcastically.

"A lot can happen," Jerry pointed out.

She gave Jerry a whatever side glance and looked back at Victoria, "I'm going to go out of this car now, okay, and the two of you can go ahead and have an Andrea-free honeymoon. Stay safe. Goodnight," Andrea pecked Victoria on the cheek and got out of the car, with a little wave to the Manchesters, she turned around and went in.


Andrea studied herself in the mirror. For the past year, she had lost a substantial amount of weight due to stress and depression. Her hair lost its shine and her eyes, once bright, now contained the look of someone about to die. She groaned and stripping off the bridesmaid dress, she went to her bathroom to enjoy a long bubbly bath.

She never thought her life would turn out the way it is now.

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