♪ Chapter 14

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C H A P T E R  14

"Why is everyone looking at us?" Jessica questioned, as we walked from our cabin towards dinner.

"You've got lipstick on your teeth." I responded.

"What really?" She cried, covering her mouth.

"No." I shrugged as she glared at me.

"Then why are they looking?" She grumbled, irritated as pure usual.

"Because I'm so freaking beautiful, alright?"

She rolled her eyes but shut up. I was starting to get pissed off with the amount of people who were staring too, but I decided to shrug it off and ask Shane when I see him.

The dining area was crowded as usual, and the smell of roasted potatoes and chicken wafted through the air. I bid Jessica goodbye as we headed off to different tables. I clambered into my seat beside Shane. He had already piled food onto a plate for me so that the others didn't eat it all on me. I kissed him on the cheek as a thank you and began to stuff my face. 

"So, who messed up. Me or Jessica?" I questioned, once I swallowed my food.

Shannon kept her head down, Melissa scowled, Caleb shoveled his food into his mouth angrily while Chase just grinned. I narrowed my eyes at him, before turning to Shane. "What happened?"

"Keara's been busy." He mumbled, nibbling at a potato.

"Great, let me guess. She's telling everyone that I'm pregnant? No, I'm an assassin? That'd be cool.. Maybe she found out that I was darth vader?"

Everyone looked at me and rolled their eyes, bemused.

"She's telling everyone you're a psychopath." Max announced.

"And they're shocked by this discovery?"

"It's sort of serious May." Shannon murmured, "She's showing people pictures of what you did to her room, and her car and how you punched her boyfriend because you're 'obsessed with her'."

"Like why are you so obsessed with me?" Chase mimicked Regina George causing me to crack a grin.

"Dude, relax. I'll sort it out after our last lesson."

"How?" Shannon pressed.

"I don't know, I'll just be my charming self."

"And if that doesn't doesn't work?"

I gasped in horror, "That always works!"

Chase smirked at me, "Damn right it does."

After dinner, we had one more lesson before we could do whatever we wanted. It was a singing lesson, and most of the campers attended them- apart from a few dancers and performers.

"So I heard you were psychotic." Jessica mused, joined Shane, Chase and I on our walk towards our lesson. Singing lessons take place in a circular area, surrounded by a small wall and full of beanbags.

"Does that shock you Jess?"

"Honestly? Not really."

I chortled along with Shane and Chase.  Keara had played these games before, and I learned that the only way to deal with her rumors, are to embrace them. We finally arrived at our lesson, and eased ourselves onto a beanbag. All of my friends attend this class, which I was grateful for. It was the only class we could all hang out together.

Shannon and Melissa came in a few minutes later, followed by Caleb, Max and Cassie. Soon enough Keara entered through the small gate with a triumphant smirk on her face. I waved dramatically at her as she entered, and she shot me a wickedly confident smile back.

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