KILLING ME SOFTLY - Teenage Assassin - Chapter 7

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"Quit playing around Jackson, this guy smells bad," I say.

"Ready when you are," he says.

"Okay, but play fair this time. No cheating," I warn him. "Now!"

The thugs look confused until I do a back head butt on the guy holding me. He yells, "You bitch!" Uh-huh, I've heard that before. In many languages.

I turn around and hit him in his nose with the heel of my hand. Then, I kick him hard enough for him to fall back against the wall of the building. I walk over to where he is slouched over in a daze and grab him by his greasy hair. I knee him in the face and he is knocked out.

"I've got one down!" I shout out to Jackson.

"No fair! The other four are all coming at me!" Jackson shouts back. The bad guys always see Jackson as more of a threat than me. Big mistake.

I take a few moments to watch my brother work. He kicks one, while backhanding another. Makes a little sister proud. Every time he gets one on the ground, another one is coming at him.

"I want to be just like you when I grow up!" I yell at Jackson.

He laughs, "How about being like me right now?"

I sigh loudly, "Oh, all right."

"Watch this!" I shout and grab one from behind, around the neck, in a chokehold. I am using my other arm to twist one of his arms behind his back. Unfortunately, that leaves his other hand free to claw at the one of mine, that I'm using to choke him. I twist his arm more, almost to the point of breaking it. When he finally passes out, I let his body drop to the ground.

I look to where Jackson is and see a body lying on the ground. "That's two for me and one for you, big bro!"

"Not for long," he punches one of the guys on the side of his head. The guy lands on the ground with a loud 'thud'. "Now, we're tied."

Jackson and I are both barely breathing hard, after the workout. We look at the last guy, who just stares back at us, with a look of fear. "Boo!" Jackson says and the guy backs up quickly into the side of the building. He hits the back of his head hard on a pipe and knocks himself out.

"That's three for me! I win!" Jackson says, holding his arms up in the air.

"No way Jacks! That doesn't count!" I yell, stomping my foot.

Jackson chucks me under the chin, "Oh, don't be a poor sport Annie."

"No matter what you say, it's a tie," I stalk out of the alley. That so doesn't count. "The guy knocked himself out. It only counts if you do it yourself."

Jackson is walking beside me, back to where we parked. "Yeah, but I made him knock himself out. Good enough for me."

"It's a tie!" I say.

"Fine, we'll call it a tie," Jackson says.

"Okay," I say, mollified.

Then he has to go and ruin it, "But, we both know that I really won."

"Jackson!" I yell at my laughing brother.

We have to walk a few blocks back to the car. We pass by some more groups of thugs, but they don't mess with us. I sort of wish they would. I could use a way to let out some of the anger and annoyance that I feel right now because of my cheating brother.

When we get back into the Lamborghini, I turn the radio to a heavy metal station and turn it up loud. On the drive back to the hotel, whenever I glance at Jackson, he has a smug smile on his face.

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