Zelda Ravensdale Tells All

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Zelda had removed both the handbook and the vile book on the darkest practices of Thaumaturgy with a little help from Leo. While he'd distracted the receptionist with a few dimpled smiles and questions about the archives, she had quick-stepped through the lobby with the books tucked beneath her blouse. Lives were at stake, she justified, and chances were they wouldn't be missed.

Now when she was the last GIT awake in the dormitory, she spent the late hours reading through the books so they could formulate a plan to find St. Germain's elves. Apparently, elves were shy, intelligent creatures which made them hard enough to find even when they weren't being concealed by magic. Luckily, the handbook laid out everything they needed to know for finding elves.

On a cold Saturday in February, Zelda and Imogen headed out into an icy drizzle to buy the items on their elf befriending list. The process seemed simple enough. The book suggested an offering of berries, or small shiny trinkets to draw out the elves. Then all they'd have to do was follow them back to their home.

They stopped first at the haberdashery for a handful of brass buttons, then made for the grocer to buy some berries just to be safe. The brass buttons jangled in their bag as Zelda followed Imogen through the produce aisle.

"We should really try to leave the buttons and berries inside St. Germains," Zelda said as Imogen sniffed a carton of strawberries.

Imogen cocked a brow at Zelda. "And how are we supposed to do that? They could get swept away."

Zelda sighed. "So we don't have a full plan yet."

"We have buttons and berries; that is the full extent of our plan," Imogen said. She examined the carton of strawberries next to one of blueberries then with a shrug opted for the later.

They headed for the line of registers at the front of the store. "We just need to think like ICG inspectors... maybe find a way to infiltrate the store," Zelda mused as they got in one of the register lines. "But that'll be hard seeing as I am already on George St. Germain's bad side after he caught me in the back room. Alarms would be raised if I was snooping around," Zelda said, letting her thoughts flow one into another. "But maybe you could get a job there!" she exclaimed, but Imogen wasn't listening.

She wasn't even at her side anymore.


Zelda turned and found her standing a few paces behind her. She stared slack-jawed at a magazine rack full of daily gossip rags.

"If it's something about me, it's probably made up – it's always made up. Did you know I have a great aunt who once magicked her house cat to the size of an elephant? Because I didn't, but I'd like to meet her."

"Zelda..." Imogen said weakly. "You might want to look at this one."

"What is it?" Zelda asked, moving to see what headline could have such an effect on the unflappable Imogen Yang. It couldn't be any worse than the headline that said she had put Leo under a love curse; that headline had gotten her some dirty looks from her classmates.

Or maybe it could be.

A smug picture of her face, blown up to a ridiculous size, filled the entire cover of Olisand Today and four awful words in jarring pink script read, "Zelda Ravensdale Tells ALL! pg. 5"

Zelda snatched the magazine off the rack with a whimper. She flipped frantically to page five without bothering to keep the pages from getting creased and bent.

"No," she breathed once she found the article. "Exclusive interview with Zelda Ravensdale!" she read aloud. "No! No! No! I didn't do any interviews."

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