Chapter 34

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I lay in my room, trying to think of what the hell Midge could have possibly meant by that. I knew that everyone was still downstairs and I also knew that things were starting to kick off.

The voices had, at first, been no more than mumbles. After about ten minutes, I could hear my mum arguing with someone – and I assumed that someone was my Uncle Brian, or dad. Eventually, another voice got involved, and then the rest of the backwards family.

I couldn’t move anywhere, for I had been left completely alone in my room, and couldn’t even go over to the other side of my room to grab my iPod and drown out all noise of the fighting downstairs.

Thankfully, I couldn’t exactly make out what it was that they were shouting at each other and I didn’t even want to know. I suspected that it was either about the conversation Midge and I had been having, or about what happened to me on the camping trip, and how they weren’t looking out for me properly.

Eventually, I heard people leaving. Everyone except the guys. I knew that it would have been awkward for the others to be around as it escalated, and so it wasn’t exactly surprising that they had left.

Hell, I probably would have too.

I tried to slump down in my bed as I heard cars drive away from the house, but was soon alerted to footsteps running up the stairs. They were far too light to be any of the guys, and especially too careful to be Jimmy’s.

Pretty soon Midge burst through the door of my room and closed it tightly, almost slamming it shut.

She hadn’t been crying, but I could tell that the need had crossed over her at least once since she went back downstairs.

“I can’t be dealing with this family any longer” she told me with a coarse whisper. “Well, that it is they even stay a family for much longer.”

“You think they won’t?” I quizzed, stupidly really. I knew that they probably wouldn’t, and the thought that Midge still wasn’t telling me everything nagged away at the back of my skull.

“I don’t know. That argument down there? You know who it’s between?”

I shook my head as she stood before me with her arms folded distantly.

“Our mothers versus our fathers. Charlotte it’s all going to hell. I bet that by Christmas we would even be allowed to see each other again.”

We both avoided each other’s gaze. It was all too difficult to take in, to comprehend. I kept thinking of all their fans who probably envied their lives – well, little did they know.

Midge exhaled deeply, before wandering over and sitting back down on my bed beside me. “At least I have you here now Charles” she smiled weakly. “It’s never been this bad before.”

I looked at her. “Well then, don’t you think that it could be my fault then?” I asked defensively. I mean, if its only becoming this bad after I’ve arrived then I must be doing something to piss the all off.”

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