Chapter 41

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I shriek as Xavier dodges yet another car. We are running late for school and Xavier has made it his life mission to get us school on time.

"Oh my God slow down Xavier." I scold him barely sitting in my seat. He just smirks in return and I pinch his arm. Hard.

"Ouch Samantha, what the hell!" He shouts in pain as his right hand leaves the steer wheel. I narrow my eyes at him and slows down only a little. We reach school just in time to reach in time for our first class. I get down and run and Xavier is beside me in few seconds.

"Bella." I shout as I see her entering my class and I breath in relief as I realize I'm not late. I see Xavier run past my class to his and he shouts me a brief 'see you later'.

"Whoo girl. You look like you just won an Olympic marathon." Bella says and I shake my head.

"You have no idea." I say as we take our seats.

I burst into a laugh as Jacob cracks yet another joke about our chemistry teacher. We all decided to hang out in a park after school today. We are all seated on the grass, chilling and talking and laughing. I realize how normal life seems right now. Just being with your friends and joking, having fun. I look at Xavier and he is laughing too. I cut off my dreamy stare before he can catch me and join in the conversation.

"Yeah and that is when Bella got detention." I chirp remembering a memory from last year.

"What? Why?" Xavier asks.

"Well apparently we had to do a project and submit it before Christmas. Almost no one in the class had done it and the scary Mrs. Frankfort was so angry, that she was fuming. Bella somehow found that very funny and we literally had to pinch her to keep her from laughing."

"Yeah so? Imagine a big fat lady stomping around the room, fumes running out of her ears. She was making such weird faces, it was as if her face was the only flexible part of the body. It twisted in the most nasty ways possible." Bella shrugs nonchalantly and I continue.

"Well she was making low sarcastic comebacks on everything Mrs. Frankfort was saying. Then Mrs. Frankfort leaned over the first bench with her eyes narrowed and said, 'I am really pissed off right now!'. Bella heard that and blurted 'Well Hi Mrs. Really Pissed Off Right Now' in a sing song tone. The teacher heard that and shouted 'Do you think I'm joking?' and to this Bella said 'No you are not Mrs. Joking. I don't think so." And boy. she was even more angry now." I finish as we all burst into another round of laughter.

"Gosh that was crazy." Carly says.

"Yeah but one hell of a memory." Alec says and winks. 

After another half an hour we all decide to go home. Alec asks for Xavier's car for some urgent work as he didn't bring his to school today and Xavier agrees. We decide to walk as our houses are just a few blocks away from the park. We reach a more secluded part of the streets and I picture in moment in my head. We talk about casual things and laughing as I tell him more of the funny encounters, walking on the side walk.

Suddenly a red car pulls up beside us and three guys come out. Xavier stiffens beside me and I hold his hand. The guys stand in front of us, one of them in front.  He eyes our entwined hands and smirks. He then looks at Xavier and takes a step towards us.

"Hey boy. Been a while huh." He says in an African accent and I tighten my hold on Xavier's hand.

"What are you doing here Steve?" Xavier grits out angrily through clenched teeth though I can feel he is scared. And I don't blame him. These guys are huge. And scary.

"Come on man. That's no way to talk to your boy right." He says and hooks an arm over Xavier's shoulder. Our hold loosens and Xavier is dragged forward.

"Join us back Xavier. You still have a chance. Zach is really unhappy with you. And you don't know his bad side yet." The guys explain in a soft but dangerous tone.

"I am not doing all that again. I am out of that shit. Stop harassing me." Xavier retorts. 

"Harass? Shit? That's not what you felt when you got all that attention in Alabama, was it?" Steve growls menacingly, his hand gripping Xavier's neck.

"Xavier." I exclaim and shoot forward to help him but the other two guys hold my arms and pull me back. I wiggle but they hold my arm even tighter.

"Sam." Xavier growls looking at me. "Steve stop it!" Xavier forces his words out and I see Steve harden his hold on his neck.

"Last chance boy. Join us back or you'll regret it." He threatens him and Xavier's eyes darken. One of the guy holding me twists my arm around and I groan in pain. Xavier gazes at me concerned and then thrusts his knee upwards, hitting the guy in his groin and punches the one twisting my arm next. My self defense class lessons click in and I kick and punch the other guy holding me with my free hand. Taking chance of the few seconds of the trio's surprise and agony, we run immediately as Steve struggles to get up, growling in pain. We don't look back and stumble a bit when we hear a loud voice from behind.

"You'll pay for this, remember Xavier! And you will not be the only one to pay!" Steve warns threateningly but we don't quit running. We reach our block, huffing and Xavier finally slows down. He looks at me, his face a mask of regret and guilt.

"I am so sorry Sam. You had - you had to endure all that because of me." He says, roughly passing a hand through his  hair.

"Its okay Xav. You are not the bad one here. They are. They should be sorry, not you." I reassure him but I know he won't feel any better.

"No Sam. This is going to get worst. They won't stop at just threats. Zach is not going to let this pass. I know it." He says and I can sense the anxiety from his tone itself.

"Xavier calm down. I know this is bad but we'll get through it okay? I promise things will be fine."

"I don't know Sam. Nor do you. You don't understand how dangerous those guys are." And after what I did to Steve today..." He says distantly as if imagining things in his head.

"Xavier lets go home. We'll work this out. Just please lets go home. We've had enough today." I say, fearing another scary encounter with the gang.

"Yeah." He says in a small voice and the happy mood from earlier is gone now. I hold his hand comfortingly and he holds it even tighter. I kiss him as we stop near his driveway.

"We''ll be fine okay?" I say and he nods, still unsure. He kisses me once more and we part ways.

Short Chapter but the further part can't be in here. Sorry :-(

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