Part 2

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Part 2

"Wakey wakey! We're here!" I hear mommys voice. I look for Ella but she's not in the car, maybe they dropped her off in her dorm. "

"She's not here, you better leave right now, your late for your dorm attendance check. We dont really wanna make a bad expression dont we?"

I kissed them good bye and got out of the car with dad. He helped me with my luggage and kisses me on the cheek.

"Always call me when you needed something, dont forget to update us. I'll make sure you'll be guided on and off campus darling. Love you, and good luck Belle"

"Love you too dad, bye!" I waved him goodbye. What was that suppose to mean? On and off campus?

I walked towards the big space, from what I can see there are 2 buildings, ones color blue an ones purple. Still curious from what I saw but I brushed it off. I'm still speechless from what I see with my own eyes. Really, its soo peaceful here. The wind was blowing and you can literally hear the birds singing. The hair and the hard wind hits my face so hard that I cant see the way. I turned my head facing my feet so I can tie my hair into a bun when suddenly I felt a ball hit my head so hard that made me fall to the ground.

"Ouch!" I shouted so they can see that it hurts so bad. But it really did, I began to think it hit my brain so hard when I saw 2 guys came across me. Whoa I must be dreaming. I began to stand but I felt my feet wiggle.

I heard the guy on my left saying "God Logan, carry her to the clinic. You're the one who hits her with that ball not me"

"No way dude, I may be strong but I cant carry this girl" the guy on my right responded. I swear I heard him chuckle.

What the?!? What was that suppose to mean? I may be chubby when I was an elementary student but I just lost tons of pounds before I enter high school. Nobody even called me fat.

I tried to stand straight still holding my head "Are you calling me fat?!"

I saw his eyes flicker when he saw me then said "You're Belle Fanning right? The transferee?" that it, he chuckled again.

"How did you..-"

" Hi Im James and thats Logan" the guy on my right said "Sorry to interrupt but I think you really need to go to your dorm because we heard your name on the speakers 5x today. I guess that means your super late"

"Oh okay, thanks." I picked up my luggage and my hat. Walked directly into the purple building without looking back.

"What a rude guy!" I said to my self. But both of them look cute. At least James made a good expression. Compared to that Logan guy..


Logan or James? :>

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