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Hey guys!! As you have already read by the title this is a sidemen imagines and preferences book! I hope you all enjoy this although I'm not the best writer.

Requested are open and comment them or message me them. All I need you to do is fill in the form and then done!

•Your name (If you want it)
•What boy you want
•What mood
•What you want to happen
and anything extra you want to add♡♡


There is another sort of imagine I do called song Imagines. All I would need is.

•Name & Appearance (Optional)
•Song name
•Brief description

You can request more than once and I do anything to fluff, sadness cute EXCEPT...for smut. I'm sorry but I don't write them.

Please try and put in description. Some people just say 'sad' or 'romantic' but I would need a little more information. ♡♡

Also I will be doing Calfreezy, Callux and Manny.

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