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-Karkat's POV-

It was the day of Jake's funeral. I just hug Dirk as he cries. Dave is up saying words about the man. I will miss him, he was a great guy. "We would like Karkat to say some words." A man said. I looked at Dirk and held up a smile. I walked up to Jake's body and ruffled his hair, red tears streaming down my face. "I DIDN'T KNOW HIM AS WELL AS I WISH I HAD BUT HE WAS A GOOD MAN. HE CARED FOR HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS, PUTTING THEIR NEEDS BEFORE HIS." I wiped my eyes and looked at Rachel. She was hugging Dave's waist crying. Dave looked at me and gave Rachel to me. "RACHEL, LOOK AT YOUR DAD, HE ISN'T GONE I PROMISE." She looked at him and smiled, tears still falling. I'm glad I could see his smile, it was beautiful. Rachel kissed his cheek and ran to Dirk, hugging him. "JACOB ENGLISH, IS A GOOD MAN AND I KNOW YOU ALL MISS HIM BUT I PROMISE YOU, HE'S STILL HERE, WATCHING US, LOVING US, HOPING THE BEST FOR US. PLEASE NEVER FORGET SUCH AN AMAZING MAN." Dave and Dirk smiled at me as I walked back to them. I hugged them both and cried. His coffin lowered as more people cried. I just smiled as he disappeared into the ground. "I will never forget you." Dirk said, as we left. We went home and Dirk took Rachel to the living room so they could color and watch my little pony.

"You said beautiful words out there babe." I hugged Dave and held him close. Dave just smiled and hugged me back. 'David Elizabeth Strider, I love you much.' We held each other for a few more minutes before I got hungry. "Dave, let's go out. I want food." He nodded and we left for food. At the restaurant I smiled as we sat down. Dave gave me a look I couldn't see through his shades. I just shook it off and ordered for us. I just laced Dave's hand with mine. "I love you." I spoke the truth, my voice soft and calm. He smiled and squeezed my hand. "I love you too Karkles." I don't know what I love most about him. His beautiful smile, his red eyes that take my breath away, his soft blonde hair, his warming hugs and kisses, his everything.

I leaned over and gave Dave a quick peck on the lips before sitting back down. He seemed a bit surprised but smiled.

Please don't leave me Strider......

(A/N: Hey guys, sorry I know this is short. I'm getting writer block and many thoughts for my Erisol are filling my tink pan. Heh, well I hope y'all enjoy this chapter!

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