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- Jane

Maybe it was the thought of seeing him again that kind of scared me. I had never experienced such panic before. It came to mind that he actually wanted to see me and that's what triggered my legs to move in the direction of my car.

 I had my fingers wrapped tightly around the letter as I ran to my car, frozen in mind and stunned. I had been too daring. I should've chosen a better place to watch him, but I just had to sit so close to his presence, didn't I?

 I sat in my car, simply just breathing, and thought for a moment of what the letter actually said. He stated that he loves me and that he wants to talk. Catch up. It's what I've wanted for so long now, but it's still too soon somehow in my mind.

 I started my car, afraid that I might be spotted acting like a weirdo in the parking lot, and drove away from the city and its madness. It had me go nuts, I swear. A kind of nuts I normally enjoyed, because of its beauty, but now the insanity overpowered the greatness.

 I drove along the same road as before and noticed that the man was still by the side of it. He seemed frustrated and upset from my point of view, so I decided to stop. I immediately noticed that he recognized me from when I drove past before and a somewhat annoyed expression spread across his face, mixed with confusion. 

 I parked behind him and got out of my own car. He was leaning against the side of his car with his arms crossed over his chest. 

 "You need any help, mate?" I asked and he nodded, a sigh of relief coming from his lips. 

 "Yeah... I need to borrow a phone. Mine's out of battery and I've always been too cheap to buy myself a car-charger," the lad said and I laughed before fishing up my phone from my back-pocket. Handing it to him I felt him stare at me curiously. "Trusting a stranger, are we?" 

 "It's not like I haven't done it before," I mumbled, mostly to myself, and he started dialing a number. 

 "Hey, mate. My car broke down and I'm right outside of town. Can you come get me?" 

 I observed him as he talked; watched his muscles flex and his tongue run over his bottom lip. I had grown into an observer and every detail on his body was making its mark in my mind. 

 "But, can't it wait? I mean, twenty minutes isn't that big of a deal," the man continued and frowned at whatever response he got. "Yeah, okay. Thanks anyway." 

 He gave me my phone back and searched his pockets for something. I didn't question his call and stood there awkwardly instead. It was cold outside, the icy air was forming an shield around the warmth of my body and the constant reddened skin was starting to annoy me. 

 "Are you going to be alright?" 

 "Yeah, don't worry. Thank you, though."

 "Come here Whiskers," I said to my cat after taking off my coat. 

 I was standing in my hallway and waiting for the kitten to come to me. He was new in my home, someone that removed the loneliness I felt. He's a cute one as well, so that's a bonus. 

 The little kitten came running a bit awkwardly from the living room to get his daily dose of milk. I had grown to love the little fella over the two weeks I've had him here. I didn't even plan on buying company, but he was just there, you know? When I walked past the window and saw him sit there, my body simply went into the pet-shop and bought him. 

 "Hey, boy. Did you miss me?" I asked him and sat down next to his bowl. His little head had already disappeared into it while he drank his milk. I'd like to think that at least he missed me, in an odd way. "Yeah, that's what I thought," I whispered. 

 Later that evening I sat in the living-room with my favourite blanket wrapped around me. Some dumb chick-flick for a thirteen year old was playing on the TV; a movie that I also picked out myself. I knew that a storm had gotten the best of New York and on the news they advised everyone to stay inside. 

 From the corner of my eye, outside the window, I saw a car parked a bit further down the road that lead out to the main-road. A red one, that's all I could make out with the snow flying everywhere.

 The car hadn't been there before, I was sure of it. I would've noticed it while driving if that was the case. It was also strange that someone would park at a deserted place like this. It was far away from the nearest house, or life for that matter. 

 I didn't think much of it after that. I couldn't do anything about it in this storm, or go out to see who in their right mind would park there. Instead I snuggled closer into the blanket and fell asleep to the sounds of teenage girls arguing in the movie. 

 The next morning Whiskers woke me up by biting my nose, and also demanding his breakfast with those cute eyes. My love for the kitten was bigger than my love for sleeping, and even if I could've stayed in bed all day long I got up to give him his food. 

 The car was still there, parked on the side with a lot of snow covering most of it. I groaned when I also noticed the road having no access for my car. I may have a pick-up-truck, but the amount of snow would make it impossible to drive on.

 With Whiskers eating in the kitchen, I decided to try getting over to the car. It wasn't an easy task, and I had to use a shovel to create my own path through my drive-way. I wasn't quite used to this, living in the middle of London was much easier. 

 I got to it eventually and started removing snow from its red, metallic surface. It was light snow, fortunately, and it all fell off with a brush of my hand. From where I stood I could make out two bodies in the car, who both appeared to be sleeping. It was still pretty dark outside and it was hard to see any faces. 

 I knocked lightly on the window and the one in the passenger seat woke up; startled and surprised by my presence. I gave him a small wave and then watched as he tried finding the light-switch in the ceiling. The whole car was lit up by a yellow-ish light once he found it, and I recognized him from yesterday. This wasn't the car that broke down, though. 

 I stepped back and gave him space to attempt in opening the door. The snow went flying in the air when the car-door swung open and he stepped out; stretching, and rubbing his neck. "Hello, there, nice morning, huh?" Was the first thing he said. 

 "Yes, very. Now if you don't mind me asking; what are you doing here?" I politely questioned. I watched him look back into the car and then at his watch. 

 "Well, my mate picked me up after work, since he couldn't pick me up when I borrowed your phone, and was going to drive me home. But we didn't make it before the storm and we just parked somewhere away from the main road," He explained. "Are we a bother?"

 "No, not at all. I was just wondering. I live over there, so I just wanted to see if you were okay," I admitted with a kind smile and pulled my scarf higher up on my face.

 "Yeah, we're fine. Maybe a bit tired, but that's all," He assured me. 

 "Oh, well you're welcome in for a cuppa or something if you're not in a rush," I suggested and you might as well have put a question-mark over his forehead, because he looked awfully confused. 

 "What's a cuppa?" 

 "You have a lot to learn, my friend," I laughed, patted him on the back, and started making my way back inside; leaving him even more confused. 

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