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A man walking into the forest like he owns it with his face covered with all the anger in the whole world if possible and with blood oozing from his knuckles.

However, when he was in middle of the forest, he felt something falling into his hands and was about to drop it but then stilled knowing that he can't do that.

He looked down to see a girl in his arms with a bruised face and torn clothes. She whispered only two words 'help me!' and then drifted off into unconsciousness.

He has always been a knight in shining armor and she seemed to be a typical damsel in complete distress.

Will he help her and make sure to do it completely or will he not? Or is she really our own typical damsel in distress at all?


hey guys! my 22nd story :D i am really excited about this one and hope will do as i thought and the updates will be slow and i will not rush...

by the way everything is fiction and also the details regarding specific works will also be not correct as i dont know much about them and it is not an indian story so i hope u guys will still read it :)

how is the pic and intro?

comment plz and vote...

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