Chapter 15

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Matt reassured Alessandra while still holding the stake that was taken out of her back. When he began turning his head around to us, I quickly tried to go to my bag to get another stake out.

When I grabbed out a stake, he quickly threw his stake at me. I squinted my eyes preparing for the pain but after a second, realized that there was no pain. I opened my eyes to see the sharp wooden stake floating in the air, centimetres from my eye.

I looked at Hayley as she was floating her arms up in the air like she was controlling the stake. She stood up and swang her arms in a swift movement towards Matt. He quickly twisted his body, dodging the stake as it smashed into the wall from hard impact.

He made a smirk as he looked at Tehya and grabbed her by the wrists. He swung her in a circle like an Olympian doing the hammer throw, and threw her at Hayley.

They fell to the floor but quickly stood back up ready to fight. I looked at Alessandra and sprinted up to her, ready for attack. She looked at me with boredom while I continued to run with two stakes in my right and left hands.

When I was about 2 metres away from her, I quickly ducked down and slid along the floor past her feet as she swiped her claws forward in attack. I swung back the stake in my left hand, and stabbed it in the back of her calf.

She screeched in pain, and I immediately stood up. She looked down at her bleeding calf muscle and pulled out the stake with a heavy breath.

I tried to act fast, as I ran up to Matt who was beating up Joyce. I swung my right arm with my wooden stake into the middle of his back. Before it reached his skin, he turned around and grabbed the stake. My eyes widened at the quick reaction and I gulped in the remaining seconds of Matt hitting me across the face and grabbing my neck.

"That was not a very nice thing to do now, was it love?"

He pushed me up on the wall, tightening his hold on my neck, as Alessandra walked over towards me with a sadistic grin on her face.

"You have no idea how much I am going to enjoy this."

She smiled, showing her fangs grow long. I would have tried to stop her but the strangle on my throat was beginning to make me weak.

She tilted my head as Matt let go of my neck. Just as she was about to bite into my skin, I closed my eyes.

At that moment I heard a scream. A scream, however, that didn't come from me.

I opened my eyes to see Tehya's wrist in front of me, blood dripping down onto the floor. Alessandra pulled away spitting out the blood in disgust.

"Yuck, that's the most disgusting blood I've ever tasted!"

All of a sudden I heard Hayley scream, ear piercing loud. Matt and Alessandra grabbed their heads, shouting in excruciating pain. They fell to the floor, crouching in their bodies, but at that moment Hayley stopped screaming. Her nose scrunched in rage, she raised her arms and started speaking her witch language through gritted teeth.

Alessandra and Matt's bodies were raised to the top of the roof. They dangled their legs as they were grasping their necks, as it seemed they were being strangled by Hayley.

I started seeing blood drip out of their ears, and blood crying out of their eyes and nose.

Hayley's speaking raised, then became quiet as Alessandra and Matt grasped their chests and fell to the floor...dead.

I was jaw dropped.


"Joyce! Hayley...she's not waking up."

I turned around, and saw Tehya sitting next to Hayley who was lying on the ground, while holding her bitten, bloodied wrist. Hayley's nose had blood dripped from it, and I could tell that she wasn't breathing. The spell was too strong for her body to handle killing Alessandra and Matt.

Joyce fell down on her knees.

We won, but we also lost.



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