Chapter 16

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Your P.O.V

I stepped out of the changing room and put my stuff into one of the lockers. Just as I was, Sher came out of his, so we decided just to share one. We stood and waited for Mikey, John and Mr and Mrs Holmes. 5 minutes later they all came out of their different changing rooms. I dragged Sher's hand and we went to the showers. He then dragged me to the flumes. He went down one and i went down the other. We wanted to see what one was faster. Of course, I won. I quickly got out of the landing zone and stood against the wall to make it look like i was there ages ago. When he got down, he saw me and laughed. We got out and went to the swimming pool. We were about 20 minutes in there and Sher was giving me a piggy back in the water and i was laughing my head off. Mikey and John came along and asked if we wanted to go on the Unicorn Turbulence Ride. Obviously we said yeah. The guy who was dishing the floats out to the queue asked if there was a group of four. Mikey's hand shot up. He told us to come forward and handed us this unicorn float with four spaces. We all looked at one another then laughed. We hauled it to the top of the stairs and the guy at the top explained the rules. We were to hold on to the hand rails at the side of us on the float. The order was Sher, me, John and then Mikey. The guy said the ride would last about 10 minutes approx. The ride started. We went straight ahead for like 2 minutes and then it was a straight dip down. Everyone screamed. Then we went curling up the sides and then another straight dip. The final move was a wavy dip. By now everyone was screaming their heads off. Then we finally saw a light and it indicated we were now back inside. Sher got out and helped me out. I helped Mikey and Sherlock helped John. I felt so dizzy and we were all laughing. We went back to go and see Mr and Mrs Holmes. On the way back, loads of people kept coming up to Sher asking him to solve their cases. "Look, if you people don't mind, I'm trying to spend time with my girlfriend. I solve your cases all the time, let me do something else", Sherlock snapped. We got back to Mr and Mrs Holmes and told them about the ride. They ended up laughing too. We spent some more time in the swimming pool and then we had to go. We got outside and got our stuff, went back into our seperate changing rooms and got dried and dressed. Before we knew it we were back home at the hotel and were asleep. I got changed into my nightgown and hopped into bed.

I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow and all I could think about was how much i was loving this road trip

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I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow and all I could think about was how much i was loving this road trip. But I had a nightmare. I woke up halfway through the night, i had a nightmare that Sher was walking away from me and no matter how many times i called his name, he wouldnt turn around. But when he did, he had bloodshot eyes and no pulse. I knew this would never happen but it still scared me. It wasnt the first time I had a nightmare like this about Sherlock. They had been becoming more frequent recently. I just wondered what they meant.

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