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Hanbin sat across from the girl, staring at her bobbing hair with slight discomfort on his features.

"You're eating like you weren't taught manners," Hanbin sipped on his now cold beverage.

Apart from her very distinctive slurping, the grounds they occupied was quiet.

The tv wasn't on; Hanbin only used his desktop and Macbook for entertainment so the television was expensive and useless. There was no radio; it only played obnoxiously loud music. No people; Hanbin hated people. Especially his parents, whom he was visiting the next evening so the girl needed to be out of his hair by then.

She lifted her head with a string of ramen hanging from her lips. "Huh? Oh, sorry," she swallowed and chuckled nervously. "I've been eating little quarters of the sandwiches I packed since I left so it's nice to not eat stale bread and water."

Hanbin nodded silently, looking down to her attire.

The hood she wore was brand name but despite it being black, it was slightly dirty and there were holes in the sleeves where her thumbs could poke through.

Her jeans had holes in the knees and Hanbin knew it was from her journey and not the popular fashion trend because she'd be stupid to run away in those kind of pants.

The girl swung her feet as she sat on the stool and her shoes were black, along with her whole outfit also, which was good for hiding if she ever needed to.

Hanbin took a deep breath. "So, what's your name?"

"Tinashe," she smiled. "What's yours?"

"Hanbin," he simply nodded. "If you're done with your food, I can take it away."

She lifted up the plate to him. "I am, thank you."

"It's okay. Now we need to go and take you to the police station and—"

Tinashe stood up abruptly and backed away from the man, moving so she wouldn't trip over the stool she knocked over. "What? Why?" she asked in panic.

Hanbin put the plate and fork back down. "Because I can't take care of you," he explained, putting out a hand to try and calm her down. "Tinashe, sit down."

"I can't go anywhere right now, okay? Not to the police or my parents or any place. I've found you and I kinda trust you so please don't make me take you down if I need to."

Hanbin stopped moving towards her and stood on his carpet, feeling laughter deep down in his chest. "Wow, um, okay. First of all, you can't take me down," he shook his head, chuckling at the thought of any child pinning him down. He was too big and she looked about 5'2" or 5'3". She couldn't beat him unless she trained at her old location.

"Wanna bet?" she put up her fists and took a defensive stance, her eyes never looking away from his.

He laughed and folded his bare arms. "Tinashe, I will not punch you; a child."

"Oh, so I'm a kid now?"

"What— You've always been a kid! Fine, we won't go to the police station now but we're doing something tomorrow."

She lowered her small balled up fists and let out a shaky breath. "Okay."

Why was she suddenly so calm? They were still going out, it was only a difference of a few hours.

Hanbin ran his fingers through his messy hair and stuffed his hands into his worn out pockets.

"You can take my bed and I'll stay in here," he gestured to the couch in the living room that shared the same floor as the kitchen.

He walked past the girl and opened the door of his bedroom. The one day he hadn't cleaned up the room, he had a guest. Sure, they weren't invited and he should probably take them to the police before he gets arrested for housing a runaway minor but the point is that his sanctuary is messy and now he looked messy.

Hanbin was a very neat person. He could destroy his whole flat but he could rebuild it in less than a day if he wanted to.

He lifted his arm for the doe eyed girl to pass through and she sat on the bed instantly.

"Do you need water or anything?" Hanbin leaned against his door frame.

"Nope," she flopped back on the bed suddenly, causing Hanbin to unexpectedly chuckle as he moved back to close the door. "Thank you," Tinashe called after him.

"It's fine," he stuck his head back through before shutting the door completely.

Tinashe took off her shoes and sat them on the windowsill to air out. She took off her hoodie and rummaged through her duffle bag in order to find a camisole that she wouldn't get too hot in. She saw that Hanbin slept with a duvet on. In this weather? Hell no.

As she knelt on the dark carpet that floored the room, she pulled out her phone and stared at the black screen. It was long gone because she had no charger as she sold it for $10 on the streets. It was stupid but she bought a litre of water and some more food that day that lasted her until today, when she broke into a strangers house.

Tinashe was astonished about how he reacted to seeing her climb through the window. Any other person and she may have been kidnapped or shot.

Or he could still be planning on doing that but she chooses to see the best in people.

She stood up and put the camisole over her head and slipped off her pants to switch to sweats.

Feeling full of energy, she walked to the door of Hanbin's room and twisted the handle.

She skipped herself across the ground and stood in front of Hanbin, which made his sleep evident by snoring loudly.

The girl crouched by his side and spoke quietly. "Hanbin," she whispered.

His eyes shot open and his head jerked back away from the chest blocking his sight.

"Why are you so close? Jesus Christ," his face flushed at the perky girl.

"I need to borrow a phone charger. Please?" she gave a side smile.

Hanbin sighed and threw off his blanket.

And what Tinashe saw surprised her. Hanbin had a surprisingly fit body with a few tattoos scattered across it.

She jumped to her feet to follow him. "Ooh, tattoos. Touch," she said in excitement as she placed her finger on his shoulder blade. "Cute."

Hanbin whipped around. "No, it's not cute. I got it when I was a kid and it's stupid."

Tinashe's smile faded. The tattoo had color and it obviously represented dreams or goals in life so why call it stupid? "No, it's not. I like it. You must have liked it at some point too. I mean, you got it in the first place, right?"

He shrugged, leaning over his shelf drawer to pull out the cable. "I guess but my dad thinks it's stupid so it's been drilled in there. Here you go."

She furrowed her bushy brows and received the charger from his grasp. "What does that one say?" she pointed to the one on his hip instead of touching it because that was awkward waiting to happen.

"Like father, like son; Like master, like man; For the kingdom of Heaven," he recited and she nodded, looking at it again. "Please refrain from looking there and go to bed, Tinashe."

Her eyes shot up and she nodded once more, slightly startled at the fact she had been staring so intensely in the first place. "Oh yeah, goodnight then." she backed away slowly and dashed down the passageway as soon as she was out of his sight.

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