To be the best, you must be able to handle the worst

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It's the worst pain I've ever felt. It feels like I'm dying over and over again. I try to grab his hand to pull his claws out of my neck, but as I lift my hand to my neck, the pain stops. I don't feel the pain nor the claws in my neck anymore.

I open my eyes to see a white room. I don't see anything in front of me, but I somehow know that this is THE white room.

So, if it's not in front of me, that means...... I slowly turn around and see the huge stump. 

There are no bodies this time, but there's something on it.

I find myself slowly going towards it, my steps echoing in the empty room.

As I'm going closer, I see two bowls lying on the top of the stump. There's also something in them. I can't tell what it is though.

I'm standing next to it now. I can see the two bowls filled with these white and black things. They remind me of Mentos. 

There's something that looks like a chess board between them. 

Though I know that it's not. It's the board we were playing the GO game with.

There are a few white and a few black ones on the board, so that means that the game's already started.

NO! No, it couldn't! But....who's playing?

It can't be me, because I don't remember playing at all, but it has to be me because......well it's my head. So one of the players is me. Does that make any sense? 

Where's the other one? 

"Hey Stiles! Long time no see. You should come here more often." I hear that annoying voice again. Wait! Does that mean that I think my own voice is annoying? Njah.......doesn't matter now, does it?

"Oh, if I knew there's a huge stump grown in my head, I'd come into MY HEAD more often."

He smirks and walks to the other side of the stump. It's like I'm looking into a mirror. Dark mirror. 

He has dark bags under his eyes, and he's wearing this hoodie I wore when he first took over me.....with me knowing it.

"I came here to start another game." he says as he didn't hear me. He looks down on the board and continues: "But I see you've already started."

I look at him in disbelief. 

"Yeah, I enjoyed a really nice game with myself," I lift my hands in he air. "why the hell would I do that?" He looks amused.

"Wait!" I continue. "So you weren't here? At all?" 

He sighs. "Well this room was kind of......locked for me so....No, I wasn't here at all." He claps his hands together.

"Then who was...?"

"Well I know about someone who could make you do it without you remembering it."

He takes one of the black ones and places it next to the white one.

"Dread Doctors." I whisper. "Why would they do that?" 

"Congrats little boy." He claps his hands together again. I look down at the white floor and think about it. "They don't want me."

"They don's, but Theo does. AND they don't want me to posses you.....that's when Kira comes on the scene....." I cut him off.

"Wait! How do you know all this?" 

"The Fly, remember?" I nod. Of course I remember. I still flinch back everytime I hear a fly buzzing.