Johnny stood there staring down at me. ''The house phone. There's someone on it for you'', He said turning with a pained look and walked away.

''What time is it'', I asked confused.

''11am'', He said disappearing.

I took a deep breath. Thank god it was Saturday or I would have missed a day of school. I walked out the door and skipped down the stairs and picking up the phone

''Hello'', I said happily and I smiled to myself which resulted in utter pain. I'd forgotten about that.

''Kira honey'', A whisper came down the phone.

''Oh hey Mrs. Paige'', I said sitting on the floor. I wonder what she wanted. ''What's wrong?'', I asked.

''Oh I just wanted to ask you something? Nothing important!'', she finished hastily.

''OK!'', I said. ''Shoot'', I said.

''Well, about yesterday'', She said slowly and nervously.

''Yeah. What about it?'', I asked playing with my hair.

''Well, I was just wondering what kind of phone you had stolen on you?'', She said slowly and precisely.

''Why?'', I asked.

''I, I'm going to buy you an early birthday present'', She said cheerfully.

''Oh Mrs. Paige that's so unnecessary'', I said embarrassed.

''Please don't be silly honey. You getting it and that's that'', She giggled. ''Now what kind of phone was it?'', She asked quite again.

There was no point in fighting she done this kind of thing to me all the time. ''It was a Samsung Tocco Lite'', I said thinking about it for a second.

''Oh'', She said extremely low. ''What color?'', She asked.

''Pink'', I said.

''Oh really'', She sounded like she was about to cry. ''Oh well you're in luck'', She said in a strange voice. ''They have one left online. I best go honey, bye'', She said hanging up the phone.

I just looked at the phone. That was weird. I got up and walked to the kitchen where Milo was on his cell phone saying something about a party this weekend. Like he could go I thought to myself. Johnny stood staring out the back window blankly. Milo looked over smiling and then it changed.

''Look man I have to go. Spread the word'', He said hanging up and staring at me. ''They must have been beastly girls'', He said staring at my face.

Johnny turned around breaking out of his day dream.

''you're a mess'', Milo said.

I walked to the far wall in the kitchen to have a look at myself. The swelling was gone done but my eye was blue toned and still partially closed. Where the swelling had gone down it was been replaced by a light bruise. 

''Cameron rang earlier'', Johnny said butting in.

''He said ''Ring him straight away'', Johnny said mimicking his voice.

'' Why didn't you wake me up!'', I growled.

''Because it was at 7am'', Johnny snapped back.

''God damn Johnny'', I said running into the sitting room.

''Milo give me your phone'', I shouted running back into the kitchen.

''Fine'', He said flicking the phone at me.

I dialed Cameron as quick as possible to make sure he was OK. ''Hello'', a croaky voice answered.

''Hey Cam'', I said.

''Who answered your phone this morning'', was his opening line.

''My brothers friend'', I said. There was a silence. ''Are you OK'', I asked worried and I walked into the sitting room.

''That's better'', He said.

''What?'', I asked freaked out.

''You need to watch what you're saying in front of company'', He snapped.

''Where are you?'', I asked looking around.

''Stop looking around like an idiot!'', He growled.

I stopped and looked out the window. I couldn't see any person outside.

''Cameron stop fucking with me'', I snapped.

''I'm not fucking with you'', he said appearing across the street from out of nowhere.

"What is wrong with you?", I shrieked. ''You don't love me'', I said still staring at his figure across the road.

"I am just protecting you, I got worried when a strange man answered the phone so I came over", he said sounding incredibly serious.

"Cameron, this is creepy. Stop", I snarled.

"I did not mean to scare you baby", he said sounding hurt,

''Ok'', I said.

''I love you'', He said.

''I love you too'', I squeezed out.

"Ask Milo can I stay over tonight, please", he said and I whispered sure in return.

''See you soon'', He said as the line went dead and his figure disappeared.

I could feel tears building up. There was only one way out of the sitting room and that was through the kitchen. So I bit my lip and walked through the sitting room doors. Milo and Johnny both stopped talking and stared at me as I practically ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I could hear feet following me.

''Do not follow me!'', I shouted down the stairs and ran faster.

I needed a minute to collect my thoughts, something was wrong with Cameron. Something very wrong, he needed me desperately. That much was obvious, how was I going to handle this. 

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