Seventeen Rising

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This is one of a series of posts about Seventeen Rising, my NaNo novel for 2013. You can see the others on my website: Character photos there, as well.

Seventeen Rising has 6 POV characters. They each rotate in a fixed pattern, showing the chronological progression of the story through their unique points of view. I'd like to introduce them to you now with some details on what each character wants in life. Those desires may change over the course of the story.


Three years have passed since the vampires emerged from the heart of Rome and dominated Italy overnight. On night two they controlled the heart of Europe, from France to Romania. World trade ground to a halt. Stock markets crashed. The United States, China, and Russia began discussing a nuclear response. On night three the vampires traveled across the ocean in a single moment, took control of the entire North American continent, and launched an atom bomb at Moscow.

The world surrendered to a new global power.

It is AE 003 and the vampires have begun the first Harvest.

Shane/Seventeen: Male, Bi. Human, no threat.

Shane is nineteen when vampires break down his door, kill his mother, and teleport his younger sister and him to the heart of vampire-controlled territory. Rome. The Colosseum. Remodeled and improved to once again house games for the privileged. To keep his sister from the fangs of a monster he agrees to fight.

Desires: Keep his sister safe --> Find and maintain a consistent life: familiar walls, familiar rules.

JacekMale, Gay. Human, threat unknown.

Jacek is a geneticist on the run from enslavement with a collection of scientific experts and a handful of military men. Their lab is mobile and Jacek is eager to capture a vampire for study.

Desires: Dismantle vampire rule by any means necessary. Does not negotiate.

Klaas: Male, Bi. Human, threat unknown.

Klaas very quickly adapted to the idea of being a fugitive. He is a finely honed weapon both in mind and body, trained by the scientific/military rogue group that is avoiding vampire rule at all costs. He is the first to discover that a human can steal and use a vampire's power.

Desires: Dismantle vampire rule by any effective means at hand. The end justifies the means.

Natesa: Female, Straight. Human, no threat.

Natesa was fifteen when her home was invaded during Emergence and the vampires killed her brothers. Too scared to move, she watched all three of them die to protect her. They failed. As a female, Natesa's only use to her new masters is as a brood mare to produce the next generation of humanity. Feedstock. She is pregnant and the baby is overdue.

Desires: Slaughter the vampires.

Musa: Male, Straight. Human, dangerous, kill on sight.

Musa impressed the vampires that invaded his home with his raw ferocity and he may be the reason they hold fights in the Colosseum; just to watch him dominate the ring. When not in use, Musa is chained to a corner of his cell. The other fighters that share the space know to stay out of reach.

Desires: Get away. Live out life on a small farm or lake-front. Live off the land. See no one.

TarelMale, Gay. Vampire, very dangerous, do not engage.

Highly powerful vampire within the upper ranks of the brood. Tarel is constantly being tested by those around him to ensure he is worthy of holding the position. He commands several vampires and is entrusted with eliminating specific human offense groups.

Desires: Increase his influence in the hierarchy without catching the BroodQueen's attention. Avoid Her interest. Dominate all other vampires.

It starts tomorrow.

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