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Dear Mingyu,

I realize I've been forgetting things lately so let me just list a couple of things I will never forget.

-Mingyu laughs with his whole body

-Mingyu is actually super cheesy and you should never let him forget it

-Mingyu is a psychiatrist who can never shut up

-Mingyu is squeamish around blood but he still wanted to help people so he decided to study psychology

-Mingyu doesn't know the difference between a bee and a wasp

-Mingyu wanted to be original so he told me he loves me in a haunted house (how dumb is that?)

-I actually really love that he confessed in a haunted house

-I'm jealous of how tall Mingyu is

-I keep my too-big glasses because Mingyu decided to bug me about them

-My laptop is cooler than his computer

-Mingyu's pet peeve is throwing dirty socks around the house

-Mingyu's the biggest plant nerd

-Mingyu's good at cooking

-Mingyu prefers the right side of the bed

-Mingyu smells like soap 99% percent of the time

-The other 1% of the time is right after he finishes cooking rice and he smells like rice

-Mingyu likes dogs over cats

-Mingyu is very organized

-Mingyu didn't like to read until I persuaded him

-Mingyu is the best person I know

-Mingyu introduced me to eleven of his friends and I love them all

-Mingyu's favourite food is fried chicken

-Mingyu has a little sister named Minsuh

-Mingyu is attempting to read this over my shoulder and he's actually annoying. The first time I met him, he kept asking me questions until I answered him. I didn't want to at first, but I found out he was actually pretty dumb and it was nice to hang out with him. I started to like Mingyu and I'm not going to lie, it was the best thing I could have ever done. He's incredibly special and there's no one else like him. Anyone who has him in their life can be considered lucky because I am incredibly lucky to know Kim Mingyu.

-I'm in love with Mingyu

-Mingyu actually cares a lot for his skin

-Mingyu's got some pretty mean canines

-Mingyu can rap (what a surprise)

-Mingyu needs to stop bothering me right now or else I will never show him this.

Hey Mingyu, remember that present I promised to you? It's done. I know, it's been forever but I promise I worked really hard on it. I'll give it to you tomorrow in exchange for another wish.

Stop trying to read this, I swear you're too nosy for your own good.

Sincerely, Wonwoo

Walking hand-in-hand with someone who has beautifully bright hair and dazzling eyes, Mingyu remembers a story that happened long ago. Something about a romance that was doomed to fail and two people who didn't care enough to stay away.

It was beautiful while it lasted; filled with candles, a rock, dark eyes, promises, a laptop, and an unforgettable memory named Wonwoo.

He was the opposite of most people Mingyu knew, dark on the outside but blindingly bright on the inside. He was everything warm and easy to love.

While it might have been something hard to think about in the past, now, the memories come with a small smile and pinch in his chest. Wonwoo is no longer his lover who died, but a sparkling piece of his life that isn't going to die out any time soon.

Mingyu stares down at the pair of matching shoes that skip across the pavement, and thinks about a promise that he hasn't forgotten.

With this person by his side, he's on his way to his happy ending, and he hopes that Wonwoo is with him every step of the way...

Wherever he goes, as long as he lets him, he hopes that he'll follow.

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