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Chapter One

Joel's POV

"I strongly dislike ugly people," I smile.

People start clapping and I swell in happiness, knowing that they loved me, praised me, thrived to be me.

All around people shout my name and I shoot them a dazzling smirk. I clear my throat and they get the message to simply calm down.

"People like, Blu Matthews? They have to embrace the suck. (Beastly owns this quote, credit goes to them.)"

My gaze lands on her where she pushes her glasses up her nose and let's her very wavy black hair fall infront of her bright green eyes.

She's hideous.

They mumble amongst themselves but I continue, wanting all the attention on me instead of her. "You should elect me as the student body president because of my looks, my popularity, and because of my status quo. That is all," I bid.

Everyone cheers me on as I shoot them another smirk and Matthews bites her lips as people push her around, bumping her till it hurts. One person takes her glasses and I smirk, The bitch deserves it.


"I hate her."

"Me too."

"She's a bitchy, skanky, slut," I growl.

Yoandri nods in agreement, and I avert my gaze to where she is sitting, wondering what makes her think she deserves to be sitting so close to everyone else.

I snarl at her and she catches my gaze, quickly looking away.

"Fucking bitch," I mutter, taking a bite of my sandwich.

She somehow hears me because she hides her face in her hair, making me roll my eyes.

So dramatic.

Lunch finishes sooner than I think and then I'm back in class, Matthews sitting in her assigned seat next to me. She nervously moves her fingers and I notice how her eyes flittered around to everywhere but me.

"Class, a project is going to be done."

I give Yoandri a smirk and he returns the favor.

"Assigned partners of course."

I glare at the teacher and he begins to call out the names.

"Yoandri and Celine."

"Chris and Zabdiel."

"Joel and Blu."

She sucks in a breath next to me while I choke on my spit. "Are you serious?" I blurt out, not caring what the teacher thought of me. He looks at me, with an expression I can't quite read and I sigh.


I roll my eyes at him and he continues reading his stupid list.

Matthews winces as I look at her and I resist the urge to tell her to stop being a little bitch and suck it up.

"When would you like to meet?"

"Whenever the fuck I have time."


"Fine," I mimic in her voice, willing God to give me the patience to not kill myself.


Two weeks of this bitch.

"This is a continuous project that will take about half of the course. Six months or so."

Shoot me now.



starting from scratch.

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