4• Concert time

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Kevin POV

Right now its currently 9:00pm and the concert starts at 10:30pm but ends at 1:00am. I'm trying to figure out what to wear just to get Nicki's attention so I think for a minute and decide on a black short sleeve shirt with some light denim jeans and my black and white jordans. To top off the whole look I decided on wearing my black bomber jacket with my gold chain and my black and white bandana cause the ladies seem to love when I wear it. After 40 minutes me and shari both came downstairs lookin fresh asf, and we smelt fabulous. I decided to drive my white mustang to the concert and 10 minutes later we were off.

"Shari?" I said a little bit nervous

"Wassup?" Shari said looking up from her phone

"Ight be honest, do you think I can get some of that Nicki ass in this outfit?" I asked looking at her

"So all you want is her body?" She questioned with a disappointed look on her face

"No..I'm just saying....what if I get some ass tonight" I say trying to make myself more clear

"......she might throw it back on you for the one time ig"shari said shrugging her shoulders

"Shit....imma pray she do" I said turning into the parking lot of the arena

After 5 minutes we found us a close parking spot and started heading towards the entrance.

*skips to concert*


Nicki was currently performing one of her old songs superbass and I couldn't help but look at all her beautiful features which were turning me on a little bit. Were in the very front so once in a while I would catch her looking at me which hyped me up frfr. I was so hyped I started twerkin a little bit but then again I wasn't twerkin I was just throwin my back in a circle cause I ain't got no ass. I ain't gay I was just in the moment😒. After superbass anaconda was next and she was picking a dude in the crowd to twerk on like she did to drake in the music video. Now if I dont get picked I will fight a nigga deadass.

Nicki's POV (we lit now)

"Ight I need one lucky guy to twerk on for this next song" i say into the mic already knowing who I wanted

"To be that lucky guy you have to tell me what was the first song I performed tonight" I said with a smirk hoping he would yell out the correct song

It was quiet for a minute until I heard a male voice yell "Pills and Potion". I scanned the crowd to see who it was when my eyes landed on the handsome lightskin boy with the black bandana.

"It was pills and potion" he said with a sexy smirk on his face

"That's correct. What's your name" I asked

"Kevin. Kevin alston" he said with a seductive voice

"Come up here kevin" I said with a smirk walking towards the chair that was in the middle of the stage

As he started to come closer and closer to me his cologne was all I could smell which made me want him more. He sat down on the chair that I was standing behind and then the music started playing which made the huge crowd roar with screams. I started my dance routine and I could feel Kevin burning holes in my back which put a smile on my face. As the song was coming to an end I seductively walked over to kevin who was more than ready with his legs open

"I hope you're prepared for this" I whispered in Kevin's ear running my hands down his body

He slowly bit his lip which only turnt me on. As I sat down on his lap he put both hands on my waist and I could tell he was already hard. I start to slowly grind on him which made him grunt a little bit. As I turnt my head to look at him he was so focused on my ass so I started twerking which made him tilt his head all the way back like somebody just took the nigga soul. As I'm twerkin I can feel his hard dick on my ass and went straight back to grinding. I leaned back so that there was no space between us and started to feel his hands travel up  my body stopping just below my breast

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