Chapter 2

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The alarm went off and Caitlyn groaned in annoyance. She was never the one to use an alarm to wake herself, but owing to the recent incidents and her drinking habits, she has become an addict to sleeping.

It had been more than six months from the time she had quit her job. She never really saved, for she believed that her money was good in the hands of charity and she even made sure that it was well spent. Because she was now hard pressed, she had to move from her huge apartment to her clumsy one to cut down on rent.

She looked around herself. Clothes everywhere. She always came home so tipsy that she barely had any strength to tidy up the mess in her matchbox like house. She was actually a neatness nerd, but when she couldn't fix her own broken pieces of her heart, she lost interest in doing anything she used to do before. It was not like anyone would come and check her house. She was practically a loner and was scared to even let anyone close to her. She had enough trouble getting over the fact that she was all alone in this world after her parents died, and she completely lost her trust in everyone after her love had shattered her heart. So there was no point in her having any friends.

But the point was, why did she switch on her alarm when she didn't even have to wake up? She never did anything without a reason, even if she was tipsy!

She tied her raven black hair up in a messy pony tail and started her morning dose of metal music. Being a 27 year old woman didn't bother her from changing her favourite genre! She never really gave a damn about others opinions. She made herself a cup of coffee and slumped down in front of her laptop. She had to hunt down jobs now! It was almost 9 and she checked her mails. Unimportant mails, spam, trash, forwards. Wait! There was a special mail today!

From: Jackie Baxter, Baxter companies.

Dear Ms. Mackarren,

I apologise for the sudden and absurd job invitation yesterday night in the bar.

I just wanted to make sure that it wasn't the tipsy me talking and the job is really yours. I want to officially appoint you as my secretary and I expect you to be here by 10.


Jackie Baxter

Oh dear lord! How could she forget such an important issue? Was she so tipsy that she couldn't even remember what happened last night? She checked her clock hanging on the wall, it was already quarter past nine. She now had to hurry!

She hit the shower, and was out in 10 minutes. She wasn't a huge fan of caking her face with makeup, so that made her task even easier now. She fixed her hair into a pony tail and put on some lip balm, just to cover her chapped lips due to excessive drinking. Her ultimate motive was to not look like a drunkard, and she pulled it off just fine with a pair of ash coloured linen pants and a black silk blouse. She slipped on her work heels and picked up her resume from the piled up papers on the couch. Her morning coffee had to suffice her stomach as she didn't have time to go for a quick breakfast. She slammed the door shut and locked it, hurrying downstairs to her car. She finally made it into the office by 9:59.

On the dot. Never late.

"Mr. Baxter, there is a lady here named Miss Caitlyn Mackarren, wishing to see you," the lady at the reception spoke into the phone. She looked pretty. Brunette, with big doe like brown eyes and wavy hair. She had a good sense of makeup as she looked more natural than the rest she saw in the office.

A voice cracked in the phone and she nodded at Caitlyn smiling. "You may go inside. Let me lead the way. And by the way, Miss Mackarren, my name is Emma." Caitlyn just nodded with a faint smile. She wasn't the one for conversations or smiles.

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