Alex's POV:

Melissa was staring at the ring and then looked up at me, she had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen and right now you could see a special glow in them. She was just so breathtaking and she wasn't my girlfriend anymore... She was my fiancé. Holy shit that sounds awesome. "What are you thinking about." I heard her say as she took my hands in hers.

"You." And with that her smile grew even wider and she captured my lips in hers again.

Before the kiss got any more heated I heard a voice call my name. "Alex? Where are you?" As the voice got louder I was able to identify who it belonged to, my brother. "Alex, we need to go. Where are-" As soon as her saw me he stopped and smiled when he saw me and Melissa so close to each other, already knowing that I got to her before she left. But his smile soon turned to a frown and he approached us. "As happy as I am right now, we need to go. Now."

"Why? Aren't just on the first half?" 

He let go of a breath and looked pretty impatient. "Alex, just trust me, let's go." What the heck was wrong with him? I just got here and I just proposed to the woman I love, can't I have some privacy and I don't know, maybe, ten minutes?! "Louis just told me we're on code red." 

He didn't need to say anything else, I grabbed my fiancé by the hand and started following James at a very fast pace. "What is code red?" 

"I'll explain later."

I was looking at every face in the stadium as we walked. Janitors, people selling soccer jerseys, even kids. But trust me, you would too if you were on code red. Louis and Pierre, our head of security joined us and thankfully I still had my cap and glasses on, so making our way through the crowd outside was easier, I saw a black limo parked on the street with two black SUVs in front of it and two behind it, as well as police surrounding the area, that was without a doubt our ride so we got in quickly and left the stadium as soon as I heard the door being shut. Melissa was a little taken back while James and I were trying to catch our breaths. "Care to explain now?"

James looked at me as if saying, it's your girl, your job. So I obliged. "The security around us is as crazy if not worst as the secret service for the president. We're a symbol," I stopped for a second to try and find the right word to describe what royalty was nowadays.", like a trophy to the country, politically speaking the royal family doesn't really matter, socially and morally speaking however we are the spinal chord to this country and Europe along with the british royalty." 

James decided to add some more to what I just said making sure Melissa understood. "In other words we are the highest symbol of French patriotism. We represent the country and its values."

I looked at Melissa making sure she was understanding and when I saw her nod I continued. "We have codes to asses the level of security we're in. It's pretty straight forward. Green means no danger, orange means hurry up you shouldn't be here too long, red means there's a non confirmed thread and black means there's a confirmed thread."

"And by thread you mean?" She already knew what I meant, but I guess she just wanted to make sure.

James butted in, once again, and answered her question. "Someone's threatening our security."

"Which means someone wants to kill you." I clarified.

Realization hit Melissa as I saw her mouth in a "o" shaped form. Then her eyes widened. "So, someone wanted to kill you guys but you weren't sure because it wasn't confirmed?"

I smiled at her way of putting it and took her hand. "Yeah baby. But we usually don't go higher than orange, so when we have red it's pretty serious, plus a game like this one is the perfect target for a terrorist attack and I wouldn't want to take any chances while your security is in the line."

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