shopping trip

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Sasuke was finishing cleaning up the house a bit as he would do that almost every few months or so since it was the weekend "hey um sasuke I think we need to go and get more food" naruto says as he found the Uchiha was just now finishing cleaning "sure OK let's go to the store than" he says as he goes to his room to get his wallet.

Soon sasuke took naruto's hand as they both left the house together as they were on there way there they ran into sakura and Ino "hey sasuke-kun" sakura says "hi sasuke" Ino says as she smiled at sasuke who was holding naruto's hand while his other hand was in his pocket "what do you two want were actually in a hurry here" sasuke says a bit harshly, "just to see lady hokage that's all" sakura says smiling but soon she noticed that sasuke and naruto were holding hands and she didn't like that.

"So where are you two going in such a hurry" Ino asked "the training field" naruto lied "oh OK see ya later then" Ino says taking sakura and dragging her away from the two as sasuke and naruto continued walking to the store though they kept they're guard up on the trip there once at the store they started getting the groceries they needed.

"OK naruto what do we need" sasuke asked looked at naruto "ramen" naruto says as sasuke rolled his eyes as he went to get naruto instant ramen which made the fox happy.

"Hey um sasuke can I ask ya something" naruto says as he walked beside sasuke "what is it" sasuke asks "can you make another strawberry shortcake please" naruto asked while blushing softly as sasuke chuckled "sure" he replied and ruffed naruto spiky but softy hair making it all messy.

Soon after a while of getting groceries they found kakashi with iruka "kakashi-sensai iruka-sensai" naruto says as he waved the two looked up and waved back "hi sasuke naruto what brings you two" kakashi asked "just shopping nothing out of the ordanery" naruto says while smiled "really now are you both shopping" iruka asked "ya you can says that naruto was told to spend some nights at me and sasukie place until than" sasuke says.

"Oh really I thought you didn't want anyone finding out your new home sight" kakashi says looking at the raven in front of him "I was told I had to..." assume replied but he was also hiding something from kakashi that he didn't want anyone but him to know about "oh kakashi-sensai what about you and iruka-sensai" narto asked curiously "nothing we just....." "are you two on a date or something" narto asked again interuping what iruka was about to say as the man blushed lightly, "n-no it's not like that at all we just happened to bump in to each other that all" iruka says as narto crossed his arms "if you li....." the blog was cut off as iruka cover his mouth and went to talk to narto privately "naruto why would do that" iruka asked "well you need to tell him sooner or later that you love him" naruto says "I can't do that" iruka says as he blushed unhappily at the kitsune who just shrugged "naruto NY problem" naruto says "don't you have assume to worry about" iruka says.

"What do ya mean" naruto asked tilting his head side ways saying he didn't know what his teacher was talking about "you can't fool me naruto" iruka says as he crossed hid arms while naruto still played dumb "well than....."

"Don't even bother try to threaten me iruka sensai but if you excuse me kakashi sensai" naruto says as he ran for it and iruka chased him "naruto get back here" iruka says as he was not a happy person.

Soon naruto stopped as iruka had to also stop as they looked at sasuke and iruka they seem to be in a deep conversation about something.

Naruto was really curious about same with iruka "do you know what they are talking about" naruto asked "no" iruka replied as they just standed there confused until sasuke spotted naruto and motioned him over as the blind did what he was told while iruka just standed there wondering what the two was thinking until he stopped naruto "wait" iruka says as he grabbed the blonds wrist, "what is it iruka" naruto asked as started at sasuke and kakashi as they stared back.

Sasuke's POV

Naruto and iruka have been gone for a while now I gotta go see where they went "sasuke something the matter" kakashi asked as he looked at me "naruto and iruka have been gone for a long time" I said as I was starting to get worried about naruto so I went to go look for him I think kakashi was following after me probably to find ikurka, I ended up running while looking until I finally did find naruto but there was another me in front of him.

Wait they got my hair style wrong what the heck and there outfit is just plain wrong why.

"Naruto" I said softly as he turned and looked at me then at the other me than back at me Again before running over and hugging me "sasuke" naruto says quietly before letting go and went behind me whole iruka ran over to kakashi but he just kept running by but stopped and turned around "hey what are you do dres.....trying to dress like us" I said cause the one that tried to look like kakashi was starting to fail miserably like literally where was his mask the real kakashi never takes his off, well at least that what I think.

But I just back away slowly grabbed naruto's hand and fast walked away buyed our groceries and we walked home but once again not letting our guard down for a second as we made it home safely perfect.


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